Rhian Ramos

September 23rd, 2011

Gorgeous, fresh-faced, alluring, these are all adjectives frequently used to describe Rhian Denise Ramos Howell or simply Rhian Ramos. Born to parents Gareth Howell, a Welsh, and her Filipina mother Clara Ramos, she burst into the Philippine showbusiness scene in 2006 when she appeared in a McDonald’s commercial, earning her the moniker “the Mcjelly Trio girl” Her good looks got her noticed by Filipino audiences right away. What’s even more remarkable is this stint as a commercial model then resulted in a major TV role. That same year, she was cast as Richard Gutierrez’ leading lady in the superhero TV series Captain Barbell.

In Captain Barbell, Rhian Ramos played the role of Leah Lazaro, who was the object of Richard Gutierrez’ character Teng’s affections. Through the show, the few who have previously not yet heard of the “Mcjelly Trio girl” came to admire the young lady’s gorgeous looks. Instantly, fan sites began to appear on the Internet and a new national celebrity crush was established in the person of Rhian.

When asked in interviews, Rhian would also mention how it was through the prompting of her parents that she ended up auditioning for the role in the hit Superhero drama. She had initially not been too interested in appearing in the show, content with appearing in TV commercials. But thankfully, her parents managed to convince her to try her hand in acting and that, as they say, is history.

Her next role after Captain Barbell would arrive quickly as she was then given the role of Avril in another GMA series, Lupin. Her co-star from Captain Barbell, Richard Gutierrez would once again be her leading man in this role.

Movies were next in line for this talented young lady with her first film role in 2007’s The Promise. Here, she would work with Richard again albeit not his leading lady in the role as that role was given to Angel Locsin, another frequent co-star of Richard’s.

In 2008, Lalola was another breakout role for Rhian as she played the role of Lola, who was initially a male character who was cursed to become a woman after he broke the heart of a woman who later committed suicide. Her character learns how to better empathize with women as she grows as a person. To many critics, this role proved how versatile Rhian was as an actress in playing the fish out of water role.

As extensive as her experience in acting, though, is her experience in hosting duties ever since 2008’s Pinoy Idol Extra up to today’s Manny Many Prizes alongside boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

When it comes to her personal life, Rhian has unfortunately figured in several controversies regarding due to men she’s been involved with. One of these is with fellow celebrity JC De Vera. After their breakup, the actor had mentioned to reporters that he wanted to simply remove Rhian from memory. Rhian later chastised JC due to his statements when she herself was asked about the issue.

Another issue involved the celebrity DJ Mo Twister who had also been involved with Rhian. The end to their relationship was said to have come about with the help of Twitter. Reports indicate that Rhian had broken up with Mo, confirming in a tweet without mentioning the name of the person she was addressing it to that they had indeed been a couple for a year but she was breaking up with that person. An exchange of tweets then occurred between the two celebrities’ accounts and though many of their fans have been confused by the dialogue between the two interpreted it as a breakup.

Even with those controversies, though, Rhian’s star continues to shine and as well it should. Rhian, after all, is one of the hottest talents in the business today. She is equally adept in acting and hosting and is willing to try new things such as her entry into the world of music with her 2009 music album, Audition Dance Battle.

Vice Ganda

September 23rd, 2011

In recent years, Jose Marie Borja-Viceral who is more popularly known as Vice Ganda has become a name equated with Philippine comedy. He is one of the main hosts in noontime hit Showtime, serving as the only judge safe from “eviction” in that show. Add to that, he has his own talk show Gandang Gabi, Vice. Fans of Vice Ganda remark on his sarcasm, quick wit, and skills in impromptu comedy as the keys as to why he has recently become as big of a celebrity as he is.

Vice Ganda was born on March 31, 1976 as the youngest of five siblings. He grew up in the streets of Tondo and describes his childhood as pretty normal. However, he had also suffered tragedy as he lost his father early on when his father was fatally wounded when a shooting incident happened. Before that happened, he recalls how he had to hide his sexual orientation from his father who didn’t like the idea of any of his children being gay. It is not popularly-known but Vice Ganda actually studied Political Science in college intending to become a lawyer. As a member of the college debating team, he noticed how some of his now trademark quit wits was already beginning to develop.

However, in 1999, the rise of stand-up comedy bars gave him a venue to showcase and hone his innate comedic talents as he became a stand-up comedian in one of these venues, The Library. This job also gave him the exposure and connections to eventually get into showbusiness twelve years later.

His first movie job was in Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat in a role simply named as “employer.” However, Vice would eventually graduate from doing bit and supporting roles and eventually make a big name for himself. His breakout role would come in the last quarter of 2009 when he would be included as a host in the hit show Showtime.
With Showtime’s format of having television viewers vote off judges every week, Vice Ganda’s position in the show was clearly indicated as special as he is the only one of the five judges who cannot be voted off. Vice Ganda is clearly a natural as he uses his trademark wit and humor developed in the comedy bars to make fun of the contestants, hosts and fellow judges without being too crass and insulting. Vice also had his dream of having a talk show come true as he was given the reins of one in the form of Gandang Gabi, Vice.

There have been several controversies regarding the popular comedian, though, such as critics saying his remarks intended for comedy appear as rude and mean-spirited. Some have taken to labeling him as one who has let fame get to his head. Vice Ganda, though, claims that he’s just a comic who makes fun of everyone and that even includes himself. Still, there are still some controversies that have arisen and one of these involved his fellow comedian Tado who was then appearing as a guest in Showtime. Vice was offended by a statement made by Tado regarding homosexuals and engaged the comedian in a word war both in the show and later on in Twitter. This incident has prompted many to take sides, some claiming that Vice simply overreacted while some praised the comedian for his stance against homophobic remarks.

Many have compared Vice’s career choices as reminiscent of the great Roderick Paulate’s career. Vice Ganda’s remake of the iconic movie Petrang Kabayo was another confirmation of this as well as another hit for the comedian. In 2011, Vice has another movie to be released exactly one year after his Petrang Kabayo. This is Private Benjamin which many predict might be influenced by Roderick’s Bala at Lipistik.

Vice Ganda credits his popularity to hard work and his willingness to continue learning, trying to stay on top of new trends like fashion and social networks such as twitter. Simply put, Vice Ganda has proven that he’s the newest face of Philippine comedy and on the way to even bigger success.

Erich Gonzales

September 23rd, 2011

Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco or more commonly known by her screen name Erich Gonzales is on her way to superstardom, if we were to base our assessment on the confidence that ABS-CBN bestows on her. Her most recent and perhaps biggest TV project is in Maria La Del Barrio, which is a remake of the Spanish Telenovela classic starring Thalia that became such a big hit in our shores in the nineties. Now, Erich is back in primetime as she continues to make our screens sizzle with her character’s unique mixture of naiveté and sexiness.

Erich was born on the 20th of September, 1990 in down south in Davao Oriental. Erich first came to national attention in 2004 when she won ABS-CBN’s Star Circle National Teen Quest. She has since moved to the NCR due to her career. From 2005 to 2008, she had consistently appeared in ABS-CBN shows, mostly in supporting roles. However, it would be a year later when she would appear on primetime in her breakout role.

In 2009, she was given the opportunity to play the lead in ABS-CBN’s drama series Katorse. This is actually the very same role that catapulted the alluring Ms. Dina Bonnevie to stardom back when she was a teen herself. This time, the lead characters’ roles were given to Erich and fellow showbiz newcomers Xian Lim, Ejay Falcon and later on Enchong Dee. The character seemed tailor-fit for the young Erich who was able to portray the naïve Nene with relative ease. Just like the original movie from where it was based, the role also called for the character of Nene to display sexiness and later on, a maturity brought about by her life’s circumstances. This role also contributed to Erich getting considered by many as one of Philippine TV’s hottest and sexiest young actresses.

Though notable for her role in several TV series, Erich has also not been a stranger when it comes to appearing on the big screen with movies such as Love Me Again, I Do and Noy underneath her belt.

Many would agree that her pairing with hunk actor Enchong Dee has contributed greatly to her on her road to stardom. Tanging Yaman reunited the two young actors in what many believe to be one of ABS-CBN’s most ambitious drama series. Erich portrayed the role of a young lady who grows up in poverty but then finds out that she’s actually the President of the Philippine’s long-lost daughter.  As she struggles to make sense of her new environment and the new responsibilities that a daughter of the President has, she also finds herself inevitably falling for the Vice President’s son. This character is Jomari, who is of course played by Enchong Dee.

The pair were also seen together in 2010’s hit show Magkaribal alongside other big stars as Bea Alonzo and Ms. Gretchen Barretto. There have also been rumors about the two having a romantic relationship outside of their TV roles. In an interview in early 2010, Enchong mentioned that the two of them had been exclusively dating. However, the two seemed to have not gotten together romantically after all as confirmed by Erich in 2011, when she said that Enchong is actually seeing someone else. Nevertheless, their onscreen pairing is still sizzling hot as possibly Erich’s biggest role is in a show where Enchong will once again be the actor opposite her.

Maria La Del Barrio has Erich playing the role of Maria and Enchong is Luis in the new locally-produced series. Many critics have praised Erich for her portrayal of the lead character in the series, saying Erich is able to portray three-dimensional characters who are both innocent and sexy at the same time. Many of Erich and Enchong’s fans are excited about where this local version’s story would end up since the original version had the lead characters getting older and having teen-aged children of their own. Only time will tell if that would be the case for the local Maria but many believe that it’s something the talented Erich can pull off easily.

As one of the hottest young actresses with the most devoted fans around, there’s really no telling what heights this beautiful young lady named Erich can get to.

Solenn Heussaff

September 21st, 2011

Solenn Marie Heussaff was born on July 20, 1985 to a Filipina mother, Cynthia Adea and Frenchman Louis Paul Heusaff. She is best known as a model, actress and reality TV contestant in the show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. Her celebrity status is now shining brightly but years ago, she was also well-known as a makeup artist for other models and as a painter.

Talking about her early life, she mentions how she actually grew up in the Philippines. However, she had also spent a lof of time abroad in cities such as Paris where she had developed much of her outlook and artistic inclinations. And artistry is what she seems to have in spades. She recalls that first started painting back when she was only three years of age to a Spanish painter. She’s continued to take art classes until she hit 21 when she decided she could do art on her own without formal mentorship. She also jokes about how subconsciously, the women in her paintings tend to look much like her. She’s also tried her hand in body painting and was the artist responsible for the body paint on celebrity Joey Mead for a photo which appeared on a Rogue Magazine cover.

Indeed, she seems to be very comfortable with anything related to art. Recently, she was involved in designing clothes that were modeled in a French fashion event in the Philippines. The field of fashion seems to be where she’s most comfortable and she talks about going back to that field once her time as a local showbusiness personality ends. However, showbusiness and modeling doesn’t seem like it wants to let go of her just yet with all the offers being thrown her way.

Because her rise as a celebrity has been so quick these past two years alone, many might be unaware that she had actually started appearing in TV years ago as a commercial model. She had appeared in a Pop Cola advertisement on TV which left many viewers wanting to know the name of the gorgeous female who appeared on screen.

Before Solenn hit the limelight, she was also known as the then girlfriend of Filipino celebrity actor Derek Ramsay. The two first met when she was still a 16-year-old and their relationship lasted for four years. Much of that period was spent apart, though, when she studied fashion design in Paris. Now that they’re no longer together as a couple, though, she says that they still speak with each other and ask each other how they’re doing.

The turning point when she began to be known to most Filipinos was when she joined Survivor Philippines. Instantly, she became a fan favorite and easily reached a spot in the final four slots of the reality game show.

Her role in the remake of the cult classic Temptation Island also further established her as one of the most alluring actresses in the country while sharing screentime with the other Temptation Island beauties, Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista and Lovi Poe.

Now, it seems like nothing can stop lovely Solenn from whatever she sets herself to do. She had also now ventured into another one of her passions which is singing. Last July 2011, she released her music album which was simply entiled as “Solenn” and one of the songs in this LP was actually a co-creation between her and rockstar Rico Blanco. Soon after that, she decided it was a good time to appear in a live concert and that’s what she did in August when she performed in the event “Solenn On Stage”. She performed songs from her album as well as had a duet with musicmaker Ogie Alcasid.

When trying to predict what might be next for Solenn, a good rule of thumb might simply be: “Don’t.” With the number of interests she has and proficiency in each of these fields, the sky’s the limit for this beautiful, talented unpredictable celebrity.

Georgina Wilson

September 21st, 2011

When Georgina Wilson appeared as a judge for ABS-CBN’s showtime, many hoped that it meant that she was ready to take a plunge into mainstream local showbusiness. After all, by the length of time that she stayed as a judge on the show, it seems that the general public really could warm up to her wit and charm. Many hoped she would take a regular stint as a host on a noontime variety show or as an actress in a daily soap opera. Alas, it was not yet to be as she had gone back to modeling and in her more familiar role as a VJ.

Georgina was born Georgina Ashley Diaz Wilson on February 12, 1986, in Kansas, USA but they moved early on to Yorkshire, Egland. There, Georgina spent her growing up years until she was about ten when her Filipina mother prompted them to move back to the Philippines. She was a top student in Ateneo and a self-confessed lover of her Math subjects in high school. It wasn’t much of a surprise for those who were close to her that in 2006, she ended up taking commerce in college where she majored in both accounting and finance in Sydney, Australia. Referring to herself back then as a dork, she talks about her love for books and how considers the library a second home.

However, the life of a celebrity must be in her blood as well as she’s actually the niece of former Ms. Universe and local actress Gloria Diaz. As early as 2005 prior to her being a nationally-known celeb, she paparazzi-type pictures of her were also published in a local magazine and readers wondered if she was dating local actor Richard Gutierrez.

Georgina’s celebrity rose several more notches when she became Channel V’s VJ back in 2010. She mentioned that her role as a vj allowed her to really get used to being in front of the camera and speaking live to an audience. Her stint as a Showtime judge was also instrumental in placing her in the national consciousness. Regarding her time in the show, Georgina says that she really enjoyed the experience and became quite a close friend to the show mainstays especially with Vice Ganda.

She first announced her relationship with fellow national celebrity and model Borgy Manotoc in a magazine interview in 2010. It’s been remarked how the two are actually in the same boat as they both continually get offers to get into local showbusiness but both are content at the moment with their modeling jobs. One of the most prominent of these modeling gigs is her role as an endorser for the Bench clothing line and indeed she’s a staple in the company’s print and billboard ads as well as in their live fashion shows.

In 2011, a minor controversy erupted in the online world regarding Georgina’s comments about Paris Hilton meeting the President. The statements from her were made in twitter and were quickly retweeted by the online crowd. However, even with the criticism, she stood by her statements and said that Paris wasn’t really important enough for her visit here to necessitate a meeting with the most powerful man in the land. Malacanang, on its part, stated that no meeting between the President and Paris was scheduled anyway.

At the moment, offers still keep rolling in for the gorgeous celeb. There had been offers for her to serve as a host in Willie Revillame’s Willing-Willie show but the job was another one that Georgina felt she had to turn down. Many feel, though, that it might only be a matter of time before Georgina decides to say yes to one of these offers. Though acting as a profession isn’t something that Georgina feels comfortable with, hosting a noontime variety show or appearing in a talk show as a host might one day be up her alley.

Sam Pinto

September 20th, 2011

Sam Pinto is one of Philippine Cinema’s hottest new finds and nobody can deny how her star has risen by leaps and bounds just this year alone. She’s recently taken the top spot in FHM’s 100 sexiest women poll and few could argue with those results. She has also been appearing in more and more sexy ads in TV and in print and that’s only another testament to how much the public adores her.

Sam was born Samuelle Lynne Acosta Pinto on December 11, 1989. She was raised mostly by her mother as her parents had separated when she was still young. From the early age of ten, she’s already appeared in commercials as a model. She would also later on become a finalist for MYX’s VJ search in 2008 and appear on TV in the show Midnight DJ alongside actor Oyo Boy Sotto.

However, it was her role as contestant in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up competition that really pushed her into the limelight. Sam was actually a replacement housemate in the celebrated reality show and she entered the house on day 41, which was at about a third of the show’s run that season. She lasted nearly fifty days inside the Big Brother house but, although evicted and labeled as aloof by some, she had quickly gotten a lot of new fans for herself and was considered by many as one of the most attractive female contestants that season.

As with many of today’s celebrities such as Sam Milby and Kim Chiu, this stint in the Big Brother House led to many opportunities in establishing a career for her in local showbusiness. She was cast as the lead female opposite Jake Cuenca in the ABS-CBN TV show Agimat Presents: Elias Paniki. Aside from that, she had also snagged roles in various movies such as in the remake of Petrang Kabayo with comedy powerhouse Vice Ganda. She had also been cast in the Metro Manila Film Fest movie Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote as Ramon Bong Revilla Jr.’s love interest.

Another turning point in her career, though, involves her switch from being an ABS-CBN star to her new role as a GMA-7 star. According to Sam, this move was prompted by Viva and she believes that she could find more frequent movie and TV roles with her new network. This indeed seems to have been the case as she quickly got offered roles as a host in Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas and also in the long-running comedy gag show Bubble Gang.

As Sam’s star begins to grow, many have pointed to the possibility of a clash between her and GMA-7’s bankable lead actress Marian Rivera. Indeed, it was Marian who bagged the number two spot in FHM’s 2011 Top 100 sexiest women poll, just a notch below Sam’s top spot. Sam, however, claims that this bit of good fortune is simply due to her fans who really wanted her to be on top of the list this year.

Indeed, 2011 has been a very good year for the sexy actress with two movies that have already come out and a third one to be released very soon. The first movie is Catch Me, I’m in Love, which is a co-production between Star Cinema and Viva Fims. This just goes to show that her relationship with Star Cinema is still going great despite her move to GMA-7. Tween Academy: Class of 2012 came out right after and in this movie, Sam Pinto played the role of Maddie, a teacher who ends up the object of desire of one of the titular tweens. Sam is also very excited with her next project, Hitman, where she once more has the role of the lead female character and starring opposite Filipino top action star Cesar Montano. If all the good fortune that Sam Pinto has had in her career these past couple of years continues, we just might expect her to be one of Philippine cinema’s biggest stars next year and onwards.

Charice Pempengco

September 19th, 2011

Charice Pempengco has already been dubbed by Oprah as the most talented girl in the world and after hearing her sing, not a lot of people would want to disagree with that statement. Her full name is Charmain Clarice Relucio Pempengco but most know her simply as Charice.

She first rose to prominence through the help of Youtube and a nursing student by the name of Dave Dueñas. Dueñas posted a video of Charice performing in a competition Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You which was a song popularized by the movie The Bodyguard. Charice was only thirteen years old at the time but it was instantly clear to everyone how mature and refined her voice already was. As the video racked up its hits, Charice became an Internet celebrity and Internet audiences began to share the link to the Youtube video to their friends lists.

The road to Charice’s stardom then leads her to Sweden where a music production outfit invites her to record demo songs with them. Next, Ellen Degeneres, the popular talk show host sees a copy of one of Charice’s performances online and she decides then and there to invite Charice over to perform for her audience. Charice takes the opportunity and guests in Ellen Degeneres’ show where she proceeds to do what she does best, which is to wow audiences with her amazingly power vocals.

This US TV appearance was only the first of many as it would be Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk’s time to invite Charice for a guest spot. Once more, she sings her heart out for the crowd and the performance so moves Oprah that she arranges for David Foster, a big-name music producer to see what he can do for Charice’s career. David Foster, also convinced of Charice’s talent has her play a part in one of his Las Vegas concerts.

Charice even managed to have a duet with one of her favorite singers, Celine Dion as they sang Because You Loved Me. This duet was then showcased in Oprah’s show to very positive audience and critic reviews.

Her first album, Charice, also received quite an amount of success as it reached number eight in the Billboard charts. Her first single in this album, Pyramid which she sang along with Iyaz was also favorably reviewed by critics.

She’s loved both in the country and abroad and her vocal performances are followed by many and of course quickly put up on Youtube. Her performance during President Benigno Aquino III’s inauguration was also quite a sensation and received praise from the half a million individuals present during the event.

Charice still seems to be on the road to even greater success as rumors began to circulate about how she was going to be a guest on the hit show Glee. They were only rumors at that point but the rumors soon became reality as she did end up appearing on Glee’s second season. She plays the role of Sunshine Corazon, a Filipina who wants to be join the local glee club. In the first episode she appears in, Lea Michele realizes how good her singing is and takes steps to prevent her from being a member of their group. Twitter was a testament to how well her TV drama performance was received as her character, Sunshine Corazon easily became a trending topic the night it was aired.

Despite all of this success, Charice doesn’t let fame get to her head. She has even found time to make more Youtube videos like her cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby and some local songs as well. She credits her mother, Raquel as being a good influence on her both professionally as well as in her personal life. No matter what further heights her singing career might reach, it’s clear that she’s already made her countrymen proud and the image of her, as a tiny 13-year-old with a most powerful and confident voice will forever be in etched in many music fans’ minds.

Coco Martin

September 19th, 2011

Coco Martin, whose real name is Rodel Nacianceno, has in his young age already made a name for himself as one of the country’s most talented young actors mainly due to his early work as an actor in independent Filipino cinema.

His first work in front of the camera was as a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle back in 2001 but his only notable appearance during this period was when he appeared in the movie Luv Txt in a relatively small role.

It was in 2005 when Coco appeared in the indepent film Masahista when viewers were next treated to his presence in the big screen. The film won awards including the Golden Leopard award in the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. Martin himself wins an award due from the Young Critics’ Circle due to his work in this movie. Critics were impressed and began to take notice of Martin’s willingness to take on risque roles specially since he was still considered a newcomer at this point. In this movie, he plays the role of a son with a recently-deceased father who has to take on a job as a masseur and male prostitute.

His next big film was Kaleldo, which is actually inspired by Shakespeare’s play King Lear, and also helmed by Masahista director Brilliante Mendoza. Indeed two more of Coco’s breakout roles would be due to Brilliante Mendoza movies, Serbis and Kinatay. These movies would go on to gain many awards from foreign audiences and film festivals while remaining relatively less popular in the Philippines. Kinatay would even go on to win the coveted Cannes’ Golden Palm award even though reactions for it were mixed during the festival run.

However, due to all the awards that he and the films has been receiving, it was only a matter of time before local mainstream cinema and TV would once again take notice of this young actor. He would first appear in several GMA-7 productions Daybreak and Jay before moving to ABS-CBN where he would be given a slew of primetime roles.

He would appear in ABS-CBN’s Tayong Dalawa alongside fellow actors Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. Here, he appears in a role that many critics claim he’s tailor-made for. He plays Ramon Lecumberri who is the younger, rebellious sibling of the two main actors. He wins the critics’ nods in his role as a antihero in the series and even ends up bagging the Star Awards for Television’s best Drama Actor award.

Like his fellow ABS-CBN star Jake Cuenca, he is given a lead role in the series Tonyong Bayawak which was a TV remake of another Ramon Revilla movie. Though the protagonist in this series, his role is again that of an antihero, someone who breaks te law and follows his own desires for justice only to end up servicing the greater good.

Another antihero role was up for him to play in Nagsimula sa Puso which was broadcast as an afternoon soap opera. His portrayal in the series was again lauded by critics and he was allowed to function as director for portions of the television series.

Just as viewers got used to seeing Coco Martin only in mainstream acting jobs, he starred in the movie Noy, an indepent film production that was later on released by Star Cinema. Coco Martin was in the lead role and he played a filmmaker who was making documentary about then Senator Noynoy Aquino’s run for the presidency. The film garnered high praise from the local Cinema Evaluation Board which then gave it an “A” rating. This film was also chosen to represent the country that year as the entry to the Academy Awards’ best foreign film category.

Because of his many effective roles in independent movies, Coco Martin has even been touted as the “Indie Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema.” However, in interviews, Coco Martin has also mentioned how he also enjoys his acting jobs in mainstream movies and TV.

Jake Cuenca

September 19th, 2011

One of Philippine Cinema’s most promising young stars is Jake Cuenca who was born Juan Carlos Cuenca to Filipino parents on December 30, 1987 in San Jose, California. Though he spent his early years outside the country, he was in the limelight as early as when he was nine years of age when he started appearing in TV and print advertisements for some of the country’s biggest brands.

Soon after, Jake Cuenca started appearing in Filipino movies as a child star. Some of these movies include ABS-CBN’s Wansapanataym and 1998’s Hiwaga ng Panday.

In 2003, he appeared in GMA-7’s youth-oriented teen show Click as a part of the show’s second batch of teen stars.

His role in 2005’s hit fantasy series Encantadia was what further catapulted Jake into stardom. In the show, he took on the role of the mystical Kahlil, the son of Ybrahim and Alena, who were in turn played by the then more established stars Dingdong Dantes and Karylle. He next went on to take part in another one of GMA’s fantasy shows, Majika, which was broadcast on Philippine TV in 2006.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Jake began to reinvent himself and started to shed off his boy-next-door role, appearing in local magazines as a full-fledged male sex symbol. He has since gone on to capitalize on his dashing looks and athletic body as he started to model for some of the country’s biggest clothing brands such as Bench.

Another big turning point in Jake Cuenca’s career was his move from GMA to rival TV station ABS-CBN. In the Kapamilya Network, he appeared in the successful nighttime soap opera Sana Maulit Muli in 2007. He appeared with fellow young stars Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu in the show. Perhaps ABS-CBN took notice of the chemistry between the three young stars as they were soon reunited in another hit TV soap opera in 2009, Tayong Dalawa.

Many critics praised the show for its unconventional twists and turns as well as the matured acting prowess of the three lead stars. Jake and Gerald played the role of twin brothers who go on to become law-enforcement officers and end up falling in love with the same woman. Critics were also pleased with Jake’s nuanced acting as he played a character who could be classified as an honorable antagonist who often garnered the audience’s sympathy and respect.

Jake Cuenca would continue to get roles in ABS-CBN shows such as Rubi where he starred alongside sexy actress Angelica Panganiban. He also managed to snag the title role in Agimat: Elias Panaki. In this show, he took on a role that Senator Ramon Revilla popularized, that of a hunter of evil supernatural creatures.

In 2011, he continues to get TV roles through ABS-CBN such as in Green Rose where he was cast in one of the main roles. However, when it comes to movie roles, he isn’t tied down to taking only acting jobs coming from his parent company. In 2010, he had starred in Super Inday and the Golden Bibe, another remake of a Filipino classic, this time by Regal Entertainment. He was cast alongside a big name from GMA-7, Marian Rivera in this fantasy flick.

His most recent movie role is in My Neighbor’s Wife which is another movie that has Jake Cuenca fans talking about his steamy love scenes alongside female costars Carla Abellana and Lovi Poe . According to Jake, this is his most daring movie so far and it has the steamiest sex scenes among any that he’s ever shot. The movie had proven to be quite a challenge, he said in an interview but he was really happy with the result as well as the opportunity to work with GMA-7 director Jun Lana.

Outside of his professional roles, Jake is also known for having been in relationships with several popular local actresses such as Melissa Ricks and Roxanne Guinoo.

Lydia de Vega

August 1st, 2008


Perhaps there’s no other Filipino sports woman who put us into the map than Lydia de Vega. Known as the Sprint Queen, she was the fastest-running woman all over Asia.

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