Sam Concepcion

With his squeaky-clean image and enormous amounts of talent in singing, dancing, hosting and acting, Sam Concepcion has been steadily making a name for himself as a positive role model for our Filipino youth. Samuel Lawrence Lopez Concepcion was born on October 17, 1992 to his parents Raymund and Gene Concepcion. His parents noticed that even when he was very young, he already displayed a lot of talent when it came to music. He was able to sing really well as early as when he was a two-year-old and even accompanied his singing with dancing.

It seems that love for performing manifested early on as his interest in music developed steadily until he was five and performed in his first worship cantata. Seeing how he enjoys being in front of an audience, his parents then allowed him to join Trumpets Playshop to give him more experience on stage. Under Trumpets, he performed in several musical plays including its popular run of musical The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe based on the popular novel of CS Lewis. Sam had also appeared in TV commercials including one for Maggi where the precious young performer exhibited talent in rapping as well.

In 2005, with ABS-CBN’s Little Big Star came added exposure as he became one of the leading contenders very early on. He also showed his ability to charm a great portion of the TV audience whose job it was to vote for winners in the competition. In the show, he also had the experience of competing with Charice Pempengco. In fact, that competition could be seen as what brought Charice. In fact, that competition could be seen as what brought Charice Pempengco to worldwide stardom when video of one of her performances was uploaded to Youtube. However, it would ultimately be Sam who ends up winning that TV competition with his final piece, a rendition of I Can’t Stand Still from the musical Footloose.

He would then be given more TV roles in ABS-CBN’s shows such as in 2006’s hit superhero show Super Inggo. Here, he played Boy Bawang, the slightly older superhero who Makisig Morales’ character Super Inggo idolizes. Sam also began performing in ASAP regularly during this period as part of the group Three-O.
A year later, he would be part of another series, this time as Noel in the prologue of the show Walang Kapalit. His character Noel would later on grow up to be played by Piolo Pascual.

Though Sam had become very busy with all the TV hosting and acting duties, the call of the stage was still something that Sam could ignore and so he became part of another stage production, High School Musical which was based on the hit franchise from the Disney Channel. Shortly after, Sam would launch his own music album simply entitled Sam Concepcion which came out under Universal Records.

He would continue to endorse many local products and business establishments and sometimes would be tasked to perform for international projects as well. In 2008, he sang the song Kung Fu Fighting which was included as a single in Kung Fu Panda’s Asian Soundtrack release.

With his role as good model for the youth, the Philippines’ Department of Education chose Sam to be its Ambassador for Education. His role as Ambassador was to tour the country and give talks and inspire all the Filipino children to stay in school and value education in order to create a good future for themselves. In interviews, Sam mentioned how this and his other experiences seeing the youth of the Philippines has exposed him much to what majority of the Filipino youth go through. A similar role was also given to Sam Concepcion by World Vision the following year as he became their Ambassador for Children. With his talent, popularity and wisdom beyond his years, it’s easy to see why many government and International organizations have considered Sam a great role model for kids.

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