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Ryan Cayabyab—or, in real name, Raymundo Cipriano Pujante Cayabyab—is also popularly called Mr. C. He is the country’s prominent musician, as well as executive and artistic director of San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. Also, he is the occupant judge for the sole Philippine Idol season during 2006.

His workings varies from specially made complete ballets, choral pieces, theatrical musical, mass set to singlehanded chorus, orchestral pieces, marketable recordings of popular compositions, film scores, as well as television specials.

His present venture is Ryan Cayabyab Singers, which is a cluster of seven youngster singers’ equivalent to his previous group Smokey Mountain back in the 1990s. Subsequent to FreemantleMedia concluding to not renew the franchise of Philippine Idol, Cayabyab then moved to the opponent program Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 in substitution for Jim Paredes as the headmaster of the show. PDA 2 began last June 14, 2008.

He was born in Manila, Philippines, on 14, May 1954. His mother died when he was 6; his father strived hard to support him as well as his 3 siblings. Before her mother died, she wished none of her kids would follow music as a career, learning how difficult it is for musicians to earn money. Her mother was a singer in the opera.

Therefore, Ryan Cayabyab acquired Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in University of the Philippines, Diliman. Simultaneously, he searched for a work that will help him with his studies, subsequently ended working for former Senator Salvador Laurel as accompanist for Development Bank of the Philippines Chorale Ensemble. Perceiving the extraordinary talent of Ryan Cayabyab on the piano, Salvador Laurel presented Cayabyab with a scholarship, which let Cayabyab to change his course and continue his study in music.

Eventually, Cayabyab graduated from UP College of Music obtaining bachelor of music, major in composition degree. Next to that, he turned out to be a permanent professor for Department of Composition and Music Theory in UP Diliman for nearly 2 decades.

At the arrival of the new century, Cayabyab planned to bring his family to migrate abroad, but Danding Cojuangco, the president of San Miguel Corporation, presented him with an authority to gain complete access in performing and producing new composition that would set back a fresh sound to the Philippine music industry. Therefore, Cayabyab agreed to the offer. At present, he is on his seventh year of being the executive and artistic director of San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts.

As accompanist, conductor, and music director, he has been in the stage together with too many known Philippine music celebrities at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center located in New York City, the Carnegie Hall in New York, Kennedy Center, and Washington Convention Center situated in Washington DC, Shrine in L.A., Orpheum in Vancouver, also in Circus Maximus of the Caesars Palace on Las Vegas Strip.

He has visited some South Asian cities being a musical director. He has been to Australia, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, United States, and Japan, doing his work. He has also toiled in same programs with Sammy Davis Jr. as well as Frank Sinatra.

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