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Everyone who listens to rock music in Philippines, is sure to have heard of the rock band Rivermaya.html">Rivermaya and the former lead vocalist of the band, Rico Blanco. Though Rico joined the band as the main songwriter and keyboard player, he took over the role of the guitarists after Perf de Castro quit the band.

 Rico has also given his voice to some of the songs he has composed, while also singing duets with Bamboo Mañalac, Rivermaya’s vocalist and original front man. But soon Bamboo had to move to America for personal and family reason. It was at this time that Blanco took over the leadership reigns of Rivermaya and is currently the lead vocalist of the band.

 Rumour has it that Bamboo and Rico share a personal rivalry. After Bamboo cam back from USA, Rico did not agree for Bamboo to be leading the vocals for Rivermaya again. This lead to Nathan Azarcon, the original bassist, to leave Rivermaya, join Bamboo, and form a new band called Bamboo.

 As a young kid, Rico was one of the main soloists in his church’s choir in San Pedro, Laguna. He often sang the most challenging soprano and bass parts due to his wide vocal range. A completely self-taught musician, Rico used to practice the piano five hours a day.

In the initial days, Rivermaya had a relatively difficult time trying to establishing itself. In 1994, when many underground bands very mushrooming through the club scene, Rivermaya also gravitated towards such music genres and played some gigs at clubs like Red Rocks and Club Dredd. However, soon they landed a record deal and scored the hit single ‘Ulan’ (Rain).

 Rico Blanco is definitely a talented songwriter and lyricist. For a series of radio hits followed soon after ‘Ulan’ in the form of  "214," "Elesi," "Himala," "If," "Kung Ayaw Mo, H’wag Mo"- each going on to become a chartbuster and each bearing an unmistakable stamp of authorship.

 Besides singing, Rico is a certified Pepsi Cola Model together with Jericho Rosales , Nicole Hernandez, Bamboo Mañalac, and Bamboo (Band). Rico was also linked with KC Concepcion , daughter of the famed actress Sharon Cuneta.{mos_ri}

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