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Rachelle Ann Go’s father predicted even before her first birthday that she would become a singer someday. Early training, inborn talent, and a flair for music have all contributed to a successful career for this young woman, who as already cut three albums and had several hit singles. 


Go was born in Manila, Philippines, on August 31, 1986, and showed her talents not long afterward. Her family noticed her talent early on, and sent her for vocal training at six years old. This early education in music paid off, and at nine years old won an amateur singing contest.Go’s talents aren’t restricted to music. At eleven she was cast in a television show (“Eat Bulaga!”) and was a contestant on the show’s “Birit Baby.” But it was after she won “Star For A Night” (now called “Search For A Star”) that she hit her singer’s stride and began her much acclaimed recording career.


Since her vocal career began in earnest, Go has won competitions, awards, and much praise in the music world. In addition to working on original music, she has covered some of the pop greats of her era, like Mariah Carey’s “Through the Rain” and a rap version of “Gloria” by Laura Brannigan (with the group Salbakuta).

In addition to being part of the talent pool of VIVA Entertainment Group, Go is also part of the ABS-CBN network, with parts in variety shows.

Her awards and prizes for singing include the Best Song award in the 2004 Shanghai Music Festival for “From The Start” as well as the silver medal; she won the Most Promising Female Singer Award from the Guillermo Mendoza Foundation (2005), and in 2005 she was named The Ultimate Champion for her first solo concert tour. This concert performance achieved wide acclaim, and has helped propel her into the limelight.

Although she has been criticized for emulating other artists early in her career, she has been recognized by her fans as a serious artist with a lot to offer. She has also appeared on other singers’ concert tours both in the Philippines and the international stage and has made her own mark in the music world. {mos_ri}

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