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Born December 12, 1966 – Daughter of popular 70′s action star Eddie Fernadez (deceased) and singer Dulce Lukban, Pops Fernandez joined show business when she was 16. Her dimpled and heart shaped face captured the hearts of Filipino audiences.

Concert Queen
Maria Cielito Lukban Fernandez in real life, Pops‘ fledgling singing career started to soar when she was partnered to an English speaking Filipino balladeer Martin Nievera . Initially, Pops was turned off with Martin and branding him as mayabang, and so do Martin thought of her as snob. That impression did not last long though. Their onscreen partnertship turned into a real life romance. In their own TV program “Penthouse Live”, the couple announced that they are getting married. It was in June of 1986 and Pops was only 19. Soon, they were gifted with 2 kids, Ram and Robin.

Afterwards, Pops appears in several movies and product endorsement. After several performances, the Martin-Pops tandem delivered stunning record sales in their concerts. Breaking records over and over again. After those consistent successes in their gigs, they were enthroned as Philippines Concert King and Queen.

Unfortunately, their love story lasted only 12 years. In 1998, the couple decided to live separate lives. It was known that her husband’s infidelity is the root of the separation, Pops remained composed and lip sealed. There was no bad mouthing against his ex-husband Martin in the media. Up to this moment, the two remained friends.

Life Continues
Her celebrity status and showbiz career continued despite of where she gone through. She became a co-host of a noontime variety show, ASAP. Furthermore, she also made several commercials with her kids and appeared in several movies. Pops is also known as an entrepreneur. She released her own fashion line and branded it as “Pipay”.

In 2003, Pops Fernandez moved to GMA-7 and stars in four of the network’s shows, including "Twin Hearts," "All Together Now," "Celebrity Turns" and "SOP."

Pops celebrated her 25th years in show business in 2006. August of the same year, she has become talk of the town as she went daring and sexy as a cover girl for a men’s magazine FHM. {mos_ri}

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