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Identified as the Ultimate Songwriter, Ogie Alcasid, undeniably, has proven a lot ever since he started his career during his younger years. When it comes to singing and creating romantic love songs, many of the listeners were touched and inspired thus making him as one of the singing icons in the country.  However, not only his singing prowess made the audience admire him but furthermore, his comic acting truly impressed the people who in fact want to follow his footsteps as well.

21 years after his birth on August 27, 1967, Ogie started his journey as a singer and fortunately, in such a short time, he was then loved and adored by the people.

As a singer, no doubt that Ogie can be considered as the second Concert King after Martin Nievera since most of his compositions, neither sung by other singers or his own version, really hit the airwaves, most of his albums received platinum and gold certifications, and all of his concerts here and abroad were sold-out, proving that many of the listeners and viewers actually appreciate his type of music which is more of a mushy and romantic style. Then and Now, which features seven original compositions along with seven classic love songs, including the hit single "I’ve Never Been to Me," was said to be his best album in his career.

More OPM songs like Bakit Ngayon ka Lang, Nandito ako and Sa Kanya were some of his compositions that did instill in the hearts and minds of the Filipino listeners.

Yet, knowing how fickle the audiences are, Ogie swayed a little on his singing and tried his luck on acting particularly to comedy. With his innate aptness for humor, most of his hilarious characters like the ever famous Bebang, spoofed personalities like Pres. Gloria Arroyo and various characters in his comic show Bubble Gang really stroke the audience’s attention and knowing how successful the portrayals were, he then started doing comic movies with his buddy Janno Gibbs that really doubled the fun and laughter.

When it comes to his personal and family life, most people believed that his marriage with Australian beauty queen Michelle van Eimerren would be one of his ultimate experiences since he was blessed with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. Yet, the so-called fairy tale love story did not quite come to a happily ever after finish.

For four long years, he was able to keep his secret regarding his separation with his wife since he was trying to protect his family in Australia. But what really shocked the most was when he finally revealed his deep love for the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez . Audiences were said to be divided since not all of ther fans accepted the revelation. However, their love for each other just made them stronger despite all of the issues and controversies that come their way. Gradually, his relationship with the Songbird has been an open book after the revelation, months ago brought up. This only proves that despite the negative issues he gets, his fans continuously follow him and watch him.

Ogie Alcasid, has been in the industry of music, television shows and movies for more or less 20 years and still, he is consistently regarded as one of the most successful and prominent celebrities ever existing in the showbiz industry. Lots of citations and awards from Aliw, MTV, Awit and other award-giving bodies were then received by Ogie inspiring him to do more compositions not only for himself but for other singers as well, also more hilarious movies and television shows.

Again, in the end, despite of all the success and controversies he received and experience through out his whole career, he stayed as humble, honest and great as he was.

 Truly, he is a pride of the Philippines.

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