Janno Gibbs


He has been said to be one of the most talented people there ever was
in the Philippine showbiz industry. With his repertoire reaching to
both acting and music, he has proven to be one of the greatest assets
for any talent stable, and he has continued to show consistency in each

Janno Ronaldo Gibbs was born on September 16, 1969 in Manila,
Philippines. His father is the famous veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez. He
is married to Bing Loyzaga, an actress and daughter of Filipino
basketball legend Carlos Loyzaga.

He started out in showbiz in the year 1986 as a teen talent in the show
That’s Entertainment” on GMA 7. His first big hit in popularity is
with his love team-up with Marilyn Reynes on the show, which resulted
in a wide fan base. This gave the famed producer of Regal Films, Mother
Lily, enough incentive to sign them up into the production company as
contract actors, also more popularly known as Regal babies. Janno
already had one movie to his resume before signing up with Regal, with
the film “Kalabog en Bosyo,” co-starring with legendary comedians
Dolphy.html" target="_self">Dolphy and Panchito.

With their on-screen love team, Janno and Marilyn developed a real life
romantic relationship. This went on until he became involved with Bing
Loyzaga, who was also starting out as a contract talent in Regal Films.
With this circumstance, their love tandem with Marilyn ended. Janno and
Bing’s relationship resulted with a daughter, Alyssa, in 1989. They
finally got married in 1990.

His recent marriage and fatherhood meant that he had to change his
image and mature in front of the audience due to the fact that he had
been mostly prominent in teenybopper films and his love team with
Marilyn Reynes. Changing directions a bit, he had turned to his gifted
singing voice and started to release music singles. At first, he was
received with lukewarm reviews and sales. While he was at it, he was
also doing concerts and musical plays to jumpstart his musical career.
It did pay off as he started to gain ground, doing collaborations with
singers like Regine Velasquez while also doing solo work.

For Janno, however, he has his own particular firsts. Though Janno has
established himself as a comedian today, as evident by his OJ portion
in SOP, he believes that his comedic talent bloomed during Ober da
Bakod days
, which ran from 1992 to 1996, where he played the role of
Mokong, half of the Dayukdok brothers. Moreover, despite being
identified with a number of leading ladies in the movie industry,
Janno’s role in Pedro Penduko catapulted him as a serious comic actor,
one who can bring down the entire movie house to fits of laughter.

Known as “The King of Soul” in the Philippine music industry, he has
been a regular host in GMA 7 with different shows like SOP Rules, Eat
, Nuts Entertainment, and Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? He has also
recently played the role of Inspector Clavio Angeles in “Lupin,” an
arrogant and shrewd, but also hilariously incompetent police inspector.

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