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Although Gary Valenciano, or Gary V., is one of the Philippines’ most multi-talented all around performers in the Philippines today, he is best known as a singer and songwriter. Known as Mr. Pure Energy for his dancing, Valenciano’s love of music is attributed to his opera-singer mother, Grimilda Santiago Ortiz Valenciano. He has also been involved in acting, producing, composing, and singing in various genres of music.

Gary V. was born in Manila 1964 as Edgardo José Martín Santiago Valenciano, the sixth of seven children. Although his musical productions range from popular music to gospel, he is perhaps best known for his film music and theme songs. He was born and raised in the Philippines, and attended high school at La Salle Greenhills; there he joined a band called Kundirana, and his love affair with music began.

Around the end of his high school days Gary V. began performing on television shows, like “The Pilita and Jackie Show.” However, it wasn’t until his appearance on “Penthouse Live” that the music business people as well as the public finally noticed him. Two years after his first television appearances, his first concert opened to a sold out audience at Areneta Coliseum. That same year he toured Singapore.

Gary V. went on to make 21 albums of music ranging from film theme music to Christian gospel music. Three of these albums enjoyed international releases and several have hit astounding sales marks: four have reached gold, five double platinum, three triple platinum, and reached a stellar quadruple platinum. In 1999, Gary V. won several awards at the Awit and Katha music awards, and recently won their “Best Male Pop Vocalist” award.

Valenciano is also well known on the television, movie screen, and stage: he has appeared in films with some of the finest stars in the Philippines; on stage in “Joseph the Dreamer” (lead role); and on television in sitcoms, live television, and commercials. He also has had the honor of serving as a spokesperson for two UNICEF campaigns, and was appointed as the first National Ambassador of Goodwill for the group in 1998. {mos_ri}

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