Frencheska Farr

Marie Frencheska Mae Tobias Farr or simply Frencheska Farr was born on September 9, 1992 and is famous in Philippine showbusiness for her bagging the Next Female Big Star prize in GMA-7’s Are You The Next Big Star contest. More than that, though, she is an intriguing young talent on the way to bigger and better things as she gains greater recognition for herself.

Frencheska is half British through her father’s side and half Filipino through her mother’s. She has burst into the Philippine music and showbusiness scene very recently in 2009 when the aforementioned Are You the Next Big Star contest was launched. Unlike many of the recent reality show TV contests, it focused on singing talent and was hosted by Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez and co-hosted by Keempee De Leon. The thousands of contestants had been narrowed to 150 and then subsequently to 40 and finally to a “circle of 16” where Frencheska always maintained her status as a favorite among the public. Her final song in the contest “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston ultimately won for her the title of The Next Female Big Star as well as a million Pesos and a management contract from GMA Artist Center. Geoff Taylor would also win that night as The Next Male Big Star opposite Frencheska.

Right after being proclaimed the Next Female Big Star, she has since worked hard to make herself worthy of that distinction. In TV, she began appearing in GMA shows such as in the Sunday variety show SOP. She was also a regular in the game show BandaOke which was hosted by Jaya and Allan K. Here, she was part of the BandaOke band which sang the songs that contestants had to guess the lyrics to.

In late 2009, Frencheska appeared in episodes of the GMA Christmas drama Sana Ngayong Pasko which starred industry greats Susan Roces, Christopher de Leon and Gina Alejar.

The next year, her TV commitments still continued with the Sunday show Party Pilipinas which replaced SOP. Here, she had the role of one of the “Divas” alongside singing powerhouses like Rachelle Ann Go and Kyla and Pinoy Pop Superstar winners Aicelle Santos and Jonalyn Viray.

But the next big thing for Frencheska would come through the role of a Filipino musical on the silver screen, which is actually a rarity nowadays in Philippine Cinema. This would be Emir, a movie about a Filipina who works as an OFW domestic helper in a fictional Arabian country and here, Frencheska would be described as a revelation in her lead role status. What made her inclusion in this film even more amazing was the fact that many other actresses and singers had vied for the role and many of them were already big names in showbusiness. In fact, KC Concepcion herself had been a favorite when it came to picking a suitable actress for the role.

Upon auditioning for the role, Frencheska had some worries as acting was not yet her forte. However, as she and her mother were already on their way to the audition, they decided to just give it a go. She was made to sing one song from the movie and after that was asked to return for a makeup test, and after that, she found out that she got the dream role. In an interview, the director, Chito Roño later mentioned how impressed he was with the newcomer and how much of a perfect fit she was for the role.

And once the movie was released, Frencheska won over many new fans who had marveled at her performance and singing, while the movie itself was praised by critics for trying something new and succeeding admirably.

In that same year, another boost to her career occurred with Inside My Heart, Frencheska’s debut album’s release. Many of its singles were also chosen by GMA to be used as theme songs for its TV dramas.

Only two years has passed since this spectacular talent appearing in the showbusiness scene but based on how much trust is being given to her by her home network, GMA, as well as the stellar performances she’s had so far, Frencheska really is The Next Big Star.

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