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Francis is known for many names. He’s the Master Rapper as well as the Man from Manila. To friends and to a lot of his fans, he can also be simply called FrancisM. These names only meant one thing—as young as he is, he’s already achieved a lot. One of these is to make rap part of Filipino music.

Francis Magalona was born on October 4, 1964, in Manila, Philippines. His father, Pancho Magalona, was a very popular actor, while his mother, Tita Duran, was considered to be one of the most beautiful women that ever graced the silver-screen. Because of his lineage, it would not be long before he joined show business.
During the early part of the 1980s, he was introduced as a break dancer and became part of the first youth-oriented show That’s Entertainment. He also became one of the most sought-after actors, appearing in several box-office movies such as Bagets 2, Doctor Doctor We Are Sick, Ninja Kids, Family Tree, Hati Tayo sa Magdamag, Gumapang Ka sa Lusak, Joey Boy Munti, and Estribo Gang. His name even became more popular when he played the role of Uban in the movie Engkanto, where he also acted alongside equally popular actors and actresses like Roderick Paulate and Vilma Santos.

Francis M is also a variety show host of" target="_self">Eat Bulaga , the longest-running afternoon program in the Philippines, as well as Student Canteen. He was also a judge in Philippine Idol and had guest stints in SOP and MTV Philippines.

But more than acting and hosting, Francis M—or Kiko, to friends—was known to be a seasoned rapper. He was one of the first who was able to move from crossover to mainstream. His widely acclaimed album was Yo!, which was released in 1990. It contained several Filipino songs “Mga Kababayan.” Majority of the themes of his songs are related to several issues the country is currently facing, such as peer pressure, patriotism, and drug addiction. He also brought the success of hip hop into the country. Today he doesn’t only write his own music, but he also produces some of his albums. He also tries to discover new talents.

Francis M is currently married to Pia Arroyo, where he has 8 children. One of them is Maxene Magalona, who is also into show business. His wife, moreover, was the first Filipino woman to record a rap song together with Kiko entitled “Loving You.” Besides hosting, music, and movies, Kiko is also busy with his clothing cline called FMCC. It’s a hit among Filipinos because of its patriotic theme. In his spare time, he loves to play video games or surf the Internet. (He has his own personal account in Multiply .) He also dabbles into art, especially photography. As a matter of fact, belong to a prestigious photographers’ club, and some of his pictures were already put in exhibits.

Surprisingly, Francis also loves to listen to jazz and lounge music. He also digs The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.


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