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He has been called, ‘Asia’s Pop Idol’.  He is a singing sensation in his home country – Philippines.  He has legions of fans in not just his native land but also in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. This talented and extremely popular singer is none other than Christian Joseph Morata Bautista. To the uninitiated, he’s also known as Christian Bautista.

A singer, actor, and model, Christian was born on 19 October 1981 in Manila. Christian is a devout Christian and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture from University of the Philippines in Diliman. Not just talented in singing, Christian also played Table Tennis during college.

Christian made news when he was chosen the runner-up in the ABS-CBN’s popular show, Star in a Million. He immediately signed a recording contact with Warner Music Hands to Heaven, Color Everywhere, and The Way You Look At Me.

 I don’t have nerves of steel

I have a heart that feels

I may have cried a million
tears but I won’t drown
I let myself unfold
Gave you my hand to hold
You took me beyond where
I could seeAnd then you let go of me…
I was damaged by the fall
Got the wind knocked out of me
To be standing here at all
I must be invincible

- Christian Bautista

Philippines, a prestigious international label. Soon he was in the reckoning for the top slot with chart-topping hits like

Christian’s popularity and fame climbed dizzying heights, just like his songs climbed to highest ranks on the pop charts. His self-titled album achieved a multi platinum status in his home country and Indonesia. Soon, Christian started achieving success and recognition at international level. The Way You Look At Me was continuously in demand on every radio station, and played regularly. The song became an instant hit among the young generation of music lovers. Especially interesting is the fact that Christian has growing support in Indonesia and spreading to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other far eastern countries.

In February 2006, Christian Bautista was invited to perform in Indonesia with some of the biggest names in the Indonesian music industry. His second album completely is much anticipated and has been awarded a Gold Record Award in its very first week of release in the Philippines. The album contains tracks like Everything You Do, Invincible, and I Can Love You Easy.

As of this writing, Christian is dating Rachelle Ann Go and has just made their relationship public after dating her since the last two years.{mos_ri}

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