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Beyond the Comic Antics of Chito Miranda

He may be known to be one of the six members of the Banda ng Bayan, Parokya Ni Edgar , or a lead vocalist who played a number of characters in hit music videos for his band , but it’s no denying that Chito Miranda is making a mark on his own.

His complete name is Alfonso Y Miranda Jr., and he was born in February 7, 1976. He hails form Malingap St., Manila, Philippines. He’s fondly called by a number of monikers by both his family and friends: Buloy, Mamaryman, Chito, Edgar, or Boy Duwal.

He was attending high school in Ateneo de Manila University when he met his now fellow band members, namely, Gabriel Chee-Kee, Vinci Montaner, Jeric Estaco, and Miko Yap. They played vocalists and guitarists, respectively. After school they would all meet for a brief jamming sessions, which actually helped them hone their singing abilities.

The talented group was also known in school to be class clowns. Normally in shows they would show up in women’s clothing for victims of earthquakes and typhoons and would start to sing off-key in poetry readings. They would also love to play around with the tunes of popular rock songs like Father and Sons by Cat Stevens in variety shows.

Their gags and sheer talent, however, landed them front acts for Eraserheads, a Pinoy alternative rock band. This break made them realize that they need to add bassists and drummer in the likes of Buhawi Meneses and Dindin Moreno. When they graduated high school, of their original members, Jerick and Miko, decided to leave the band and proceed to other interests. This marked the entry of Darius Semaña.

Originally, Parokya ni Edgar was called Comic Relief. However, they decided to change it to the former in homage to an ancient classroom joke. It revolves around the story of Noli Me Tangere, one of Chito’s school subjects.

Chito and his band soon found themselves playing in Club Dredd, one of the famous clubs in Manila during that time. It was their manner of performance—composed of jokes, outrageous singing, funny and witty lyrics—that set them apart among other rock bands who are typically influenced by foreign rock groups.

It wasn’t long before Universal Records, headed by the late Bella Tan, got them to sign a contract. From then on, they produced wide-selling albums and singles, notably, Trip, Buloy, and Lutong Bahay. Chito and his band also garnered triple platinum album for Khangkhunghernitz. Chito’s suave voice gave a new distinct flavor to novelty songs.

Chito, however, is also a songwriter. He penned “Chikinini,” a more adult version of Banal Na Aso by Yano. He also displayed his sensitivity through the sentimental tune of Iwanan Mo Na Sya, as well as in Alumni Homecoming, which talks about young love amidst a high school reunion.

Kaye Abad, a movie and TV actress, is known to be his lady love for so many years. In fact, during her short hiatus from show business, she was a constant companion of the band, as they perform in different places. They met in one of the band’s performances in ASAP Mania, where Kaye was also a guest.

Chito Miranda goes beyond his comic antics. Without his leadership qualities, Parokya ni Edgar wouldn’t be where they are now, reaping awards left and right and earning a lot with the record-selling albums. He basically filters majority of the ideas and music, making sure that their mass appeal remains undaunted by the emergence of other rock bands.

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