Charice Pempengco

Charice Pempengco has already been dubbed by Oprah as the most talented girl in the world and after hearing her sing, not a lot of people would want to disagree with that statement. Her full name is Charmain Clarice Relucio Pempengco but most know her simply as Charice.

She first rose to prominence through the help of Youtube and a nursing student by the name of Dave Dueñas. Dueñas posted a video of Charice performing in a competition Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You which was a song popularized by the movie The Bodyguard. Charice was only thirteen years old at the time but it was instantly clear to everyone how mature and refined her voice already was. As the video racked up its hits, Charice became an Internet celebrity and Internet audiences began to share the link to the Youtube video to their friends lists.

The road to Charice’s stardom then leads her to Sweden where a music production outfit invites her to record demo songs with them. Next, Ellen Degeneres, the popular talk show host sees a copy of one of Charice’s performances online and she decides then and there to invite Charice over to perform for her audience. Charice takes the opportunity and guests in Ellen Degeneres’ show where she proceeds to do what she does best, which is to wow audiences with her amazingly power vocals.

This US TV appearance was only the first of many as it would be Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk’s time to invite Charice for a guest spot. Once more, she sings her heart out for the crowd and the performance so moves Oprah that she arranges for David Foster, a big-name music producer to see what he can do for Charice’s career. David Foster, also convinced of Charice’s talent has her play a part in one of his Las Vegas concerts.

Charice even managed to have a duet with one of her favorite singers, Celine Dion as they sang Because You Loved Me. This duet was then showcased in Oprah’s show to very positive audience and critic reviews.

Her first album, Charice, also received quite an amount of success as it reached number eight in the Billboard charts. Her first single in this album, Pyramid which she sang along with Iyaz was also favorably reviewed by critics.

She’s loved both in the country and abroad and her vocal performances are followed by many and of course quickly put up on Youtube. Her performance during President Benigno Aquino III’s inauguration was also quite a sensation and received praise from the half a million individuals present during the event.

Charice still seems to be on the road to even greater success as rumors began to circulate about how she was going to be a guest on the hit show Glee. They were only rumors at that point but the rumors soon became reality as she did end up appearing on Glee’s second season. She plays the role of Sunshine Corazon, a Filipina who wants to be join the local glee club. In the first episode she appears in, Lea Michele realizes how good her singing is and takes steps to prevent her from being a member of their group. Twitter was a testament to how well her TV drama performance was received as her character, Sunshine Corazon easily became a trending topic the night it was aired.

Despite all of this success, Charice doesn’t let fame get to her head. She has even found time to make more Youtube videos like her cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby and some local songs as well. She credits her mother, Raquel as being a good influence on her both professionally as well as in her personal life. No matter what further heights her singing career might reach, it’s clear that she’s already made her countrymen proud and the image of her, as a tiny 13-year-old with a most powerful and confident voice will forever be in etched in many music fans’ minds.

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