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His life story is said to be amusing and admirable in the sense that, his experiences not only as a lead band vocalist but also as an ordinary person made him more mature and wise in terms of his actions and decisions in life.

 For all we know, Francisco Mañalac or famously known as Bamboo Manalac, was a former lead vocalist of Rivermaya, one of the top rock bands in the Philippines.  At some point, he realized he needed to move on a little and change one significant part of his life which is music, when he decided to leave his band after some years and went to Los Angeles, California to live with his family there for five years long.

But who would have thought that with just a simple phone call he did to his co band member Nathan Azarcon, asking if what would happen to him when he goes back home,  he finally decided to fly back to the world where he really belongs, the rock music!

It was in year 2004 when Bamboo decided to go back to the Philippines, and form a band together with his friend Nathan who was also a former member of Rivermaya , Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado of Passage band. Truly, luck came their way when their first album titled As the Music Plays eventually received a double platinum status after several months and years of selling into the music stores.

 But what surely made the album a success was their carrier single "Noypi" which was consistently a fire hit in fm radio shows and local music channels.  Songs like "Mr. Clay" and "Masaya", respectively also placed on top of the charts in the music channels and radio stations. 

After a year, his band decided to do their sophomore album titled Light, Peace and Love which was said to be the most successful album they had made. Their compositions Hallelujah and F.U, eventually topped the music charts for few consecutive months. It was said that the success from their first album was tripled in their second album.

Luck incessantly came their way as during the 19th Awit Awards last 2006, Bamboo’s band was able to collect five out of seven major awards including Song of the year for the song "Hallelujah", Album of the year on Light, Peace and Love, Best Ballad, and Best Rock Performance for a group.

Definitely, it would be the lead vocalist which will be regarded as the major contributor for the success of the band since he was the one singing the song and he is the one being watched by the viewers. In relation to this, he was actually awarded as the Best Vocalist in the 2004 NU Rock Awards. This only proves that he really is an exceptional vocalist and artist having combined rock style with a mellow twist on his vocals. 

On the same note, he was also awarded on the 2004 MTV Style Awards on the Rock style category. He is also known on his energetic style of performing live thus making him one of the rock icons in the country.

Truly, Bamboo Manalac proved his followers that his decision to go back to music was really worth it. He might have left his first band which most people thought to be the end of his career, but his passion for music never stopped. Instead, he was able to stand up again and share his music to his fans.

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