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In 1993, a Philippine rock band started by six young and talented individuals was born. This rock band is famous today and known as Parokya Ni Edgar meaning "Parish of Edgar". In 1996, they released their debut album, Khangkhungkherrnitz through a local record company known as Universal Records. The boys behind the band have known each other for long. Students of Ateneo high school, their first jump to fame came with their original rock compositions and the satirical covers of famous rock compositions. The USP of this rock band is strange and different: their main motto is to provide comic relief to the listeners. The band has experimented with different genres and experimented with alternative rock to pop rock, and from funk to rap.

Parkoya Ni Edgar was originally composed of five members Chito Miranda , Vinci Montaner, Gab Chee-Kee, Miko and Jerick. Parkoya Ni Edgar got the opportunity to play the opening number for an Eraserheads concert. They had everything going for them except they were missing a drummer and bassist and so Dindin Moreno and Buwi Meneses where picked.

After the graduation, two of the band members Jerick and Miko separated from the band and guitarist Darius Semaña was invited to join in. Fresh out of college and with high spirits, they took on the stage at Club Dredd. More than music, the sole cause of their popularity was the comic relief that the band brought in with them on stage. At a time when Bands in Philippines were going the Nirvana or the Soundgarden way, Parkoya Ni Edgar was only going one way – their way.
The first album break was inevitable and came when late Bella Dy Tan, managing director of Universal Records saw them perform a gig at Club Dredd. Parkoya Ni Edgar was signed and their initial recordings "Buloy", "Trip" and "Lutong Bahay" made waves through Philippines. The first album, Khangkhungkernitz was triple platinum despite the unusual name. Some of their famous songs include "the crush", "the ordertaker", "Nakaw Ang Wallet Ko", "labsung" etc.

They have released four albums so far with their first album being the most famous of the lot having sold 120,000 units. The other 3 albums include burugudystungtugudunstuy (triple platinum), jingle balls (Gold), and gulong itlog (platinum). They have definitely humored their way through to the top! {mos_ri}

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