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MYMP.jpg" align="right" title="MYMP" alt="MYMP"/>MYMP is an acoustic band from the Philippines that the young and the romantics at heart admire for their soulful originals and remakes. MYMP has gone from a four-piece band to an acoustic duo over the years, but that hasn’t stopped them from attracting crowds at their appearances, producing hit singles, and bagging awards for their music. The group has undergone various personnel changes over the years, but it hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the Philippines most popular easy rock bands.



Make Your Mama Proud was once a very different band from what it is today. It started as a four-piece all male rock band, then evolved to a trio. While still a three-piece group, they were discovered by Raymond Ryan, who manages iFM radion station. He worked with a producer to help the group put together their first album, “Soulful Acoustic.” This album hit platinum sales and began the musical career or MYMP; soon afterward, Ivory records signed them.

Although the group has had various members through the years, the core of the band is the duo Juris Fernandez (vocals) and Chin Alcantara (guitar). These two almost missed their calling in the music industry: Fernandez holds a degree in psychology and Alacantara in communications.



After their debut single hit “A Little Bit” won the Awit People’s Choice award for “Favorite Song,” the trio went on to record some cover tunes like “Every Little Thing,” by Sting, and “Waiting in Vain,” by Bob Marley. However, not long after this one of the members left. Although the duo did well, they added two more members to boost their sound.

The four went on to record two more albums, which sold gold and produced hit singles. Their sound has been described as a fusion of several genres of music. Chin Alcantara prefers an Eric Clapton type of guitar style, while Juris Fernandez enjoys the R-n-B styles, and some Pop.

And now they are five. Besides Alcantara and Fernandez, the other members of MYMP are John Angeles on drums, Oja Jimenez on keyboard, and Emil Rivas on bass. {mos_ri} {mosgoogle}

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