Cueshe is not just the story of a band, it is also the story of how five talented, young firebrands defied the odds and became the most successful band in the country. The five boys have now grown up to be men. Drummer/band leader Mike Manaloto, vocalist Jay Justiniani, bassist Fritz Labrado, guitarist Ruben Caballero, lead guitarist Jovan Mabini, and keyboardist Jhunjie Dosdos drive Cueshé. They make the band complete with their perfect sense of harmony, rhythm energy, and melody. Of course the name of the band is meaningless for just about anyone except the band members. According to Mike, Cueshé took its cue from the sugar-fried banana.

The band was initially named as Green Horn but later on, it was dropped and christened Cueshé instead. Mike, the leader of the Cueshé gang used to sell cigarettes to make a living, while Fritz used to ferry passengers on his jeep. Living together sharing a small apartment and noodles is how the band grew up. They have lived beyond the speculations made by critics who branded them as a one hit wonder but Cueshé never really gave up. They have released their debut album called Half Empty, Half Full, with Sony-BMG Music Entertainment.

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone
Wondering of what have I done wrong
Maybe I’m just missing you all along
When will you be coming home

Back to me - Back to me (Half Empty, Half Full)

Their ticket to the big stage of Rock came after they submitted their tape at the Sony-BMG office early in 2005. Their tracks prompted the Sony-BMG executives to fly all the way to Cebu and the next thing they were doing was recording the album in Manila. Exactly two months later, Cueshé was re-born with their first and hit single "Stay," that created big waves throughout the country.

Half Empty, Half Full has 11 original tracks, but the music is hauntingly smooth and brings out the naked intensity on the band. Tracks like Back to me, Borrowed time and Stay are like a fresh breeze that wipes out the stains of the yesteryears and brings in the new face of rock. The album "Half Empty, Half Full" went platinum and they received the award for the Best breakthrough Artists. Cueshe Band has definitely broken through the ice and are here to stay for a long time to come.{mos_ri}

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