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Popular television personality Kris Aquino became accustomed to show business at the tender age of seven by presenting herself to crowds in place of her father, imprisoned Philippine presidential candidate Benigno Aquino, Jr. Since then she has starred in television shows and films, and is well known for her talents in hosting talk and game shows. She is currently married to Philippine basketball star James Yap; they are expecting a child. She also has a son, Joshua, from another relationship.



Kris Aquino was born February 14, 1971, the youngest of the five children of Corazon and Benigno Aquino, Jr. She earned most of her education in the United States during the family’s exile from the Philippines, but returned after her father was assassinated in 1983. After the Philippine revolution in 1986 that drew the end of Ferdinand Marcos’ power, she turned to film with her debut in “Pido Dida,” a hit comedy. After her talents were recognized by ABS-CBN, Aquino was hired to star in television shows, as well as host game and talk shows. Although her father did not live to see the presidency, Aquino’s mother, Corazon, served as President from 1986 to 1992. President Aquino was Asia’s first female president.



Aquino began her film career in one of the “Pido Dida” comedy series, where she worked with Rene Requiestas. She later took more serious parts, and was eventually nominated for critical awards and recognition after a brief retirement. Later, she starred in horror and and thriller movies, with her last film appearance in “Sukob” in 2006.However, Aquino is better known for her television work. After a stint in the comedy “Luv Ko Si Kris” and an episode of “Nandito Ako,” she began a talk show on “The Kris Aquino Show.” After this she appeared as a co-host on “Startalk;” once her hosting talents were recognized, Aquino was tapped for many other talk and game shows.

Although Aquino has been criticized for her up-front interviewing techniques that some claim border on being cruel (sometimes even on her game shows), it shows her lack of fear in getting to the point of controversial issues, something that talk show hosts have been doing for decades. Despite this criticism, she is still gets requests to do product endorsements and commercials, and still hosts the Philippine version of “Deal or No Deal.” 

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