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KC Concepcion has inherited both halves of her family legacy and keeps the flame burning bright with her talent and knack for powerful theatrics and acting. KC as she is popularly known was born Maria Kristina Cassandra Concepcion on 7 April 1985. KC’s name is a strange mix of her mother’s love for the name Kristina and her father’s love for the movie Cassandra Crossing. The uniquely distinct name personifies a unique woman who emanates power and passion through her acting.

Ruled by the sunsign of Aries, KC projects the true essence of the fire element in her personality. Born in a world of fairy tales and brought up amidst fame, fortune, and extremism, KC was guided

 "I love theater. It’s really one of my passions,"
- KC Concepcion

through the journey by her mother, Sharon Cuneta who is a famous actress.

Today, KC is a different woman altogether. A dynamite and a powerhouse of talent, KC is driven by the passion to achieve success and to soar high in sky like an eagle. Today, she is a singer, VJ, model, actor all rolled in one; a multi-talented persona that matures as each day goes by and shows something new to the thousands of fans who swear by her name.

A Broadway musical project by Atlantis Production will see KC perform the soundtrack and her repertoire includes songs like Belle, Something There, and A Change In Me. KC has changed tracks and is now a VJ with MTV Philippines. KC has created her own popular image in Philippines, which is independent of the lineage that she belongs from.KC believes that every experience adds to her learning. In one of her interviews, she said, "I believe in sucking in every experience that life hands to me, and you can bet that I’ll be sucking this experience dry," she says. "I love it that I can be myself, that I can act crazy and wacky… That’s what’s so great about what I’m doing. MTV is a vehicle where I can be myself and project my personality."

For KC, Talent is not just about being a VJ or acting or modeling. She loves to sketch, write songs and dance. KC Concepcion is definitely a star to look out for in the coming years.{mos_ri}

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