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Their faces brighten our TV screens every day. They not only bring us the latest news, but also gossip and other information. Their pictures can be seen everywhere, newspapers, glossies, tabloids, just about everywhere! Sometimes likened to modern-day Gods, these talented TV personalities and journalists have been idolized and immortalized, while becoming a constant source of inspiration to millions of devoted fans across the country. One such celebrity is Boy Abunda, a modern-day media icon and terribly respected journalist.

But for Boy, celebrity status didn’t come overnight. He has to work extremely hard and with complete dedication. It’s said and wisely so, that a life that is full of sparkle with glitz, glamour, fame, and power is frequently earned by blood, sweat, and tears. Boy Abunda is no different.

Boy was born in Borongan, Eastern Samar. His father death at an early age meant that Boy had to drop out of school in order to survive. So, he tried odd jobs to earn a living for himself and his family. When Boy landed a job in the Metropolitan Theatre as an assistant stage manager, he also got the opportunity to assist Conching Sunico, the administrator of Metropolitan Theatre. Sunico was kind enough to teach him about public relations. And within two years, Boy had started his own PR company called Backroom, Inc. He was also one of the core team members and strength behind Probe’s early years.

It was while Abunda was on a PR consulting assignments for GMA Network, a network executive in GMA, suggested that Abunda try television. Abunda seriously considered this suggestion and soon, he became one of the hosts of ‘Startalk’, an entertainment talk show.

So in 1999, Abunda changed camps and joined the rival ABS-CBN. As of today, he hosts four shows: ‘The Buzz’, ‘Private Conversations’, ‘Kontrobersyal’, and ‘Homeboy’.

Boy Abunda also went on to complete his education from Ateneo de Manila University in College.

Though it may sound and look easy, just like you and me, showbiz people also pay their dues and are constantly sharpening their skills so that they can burn more brightly and for longer. {mos_ri}

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