Solenn Heussaff

Solenn Marie Heussaff was born on July 20, 1985 to a Filipina mother, Cynthia Adea and Frenchman Louis Paul Heusaff. She is best known as a model, actress and reality TV contestant in the show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. Her celebrity status is now shining brightly but years ago, she was also well-known as a makeup artist for other models and as a painter.

Talking about her early life, she mentions how she actually grew up in the Philippines. However, she had also spent a lof of time abroad in cities such as Paris where she had developed much of her outlook and artistic inclinations. And artistry is what she seems to have in spades. She recalls that first started painting back when she was only three years of age to a Spanish painter. She’s continued to take art classes until she hit 21 when she decided she could do art on her own without formal mentorship. She also jokes about how subconsciously, the women in her paintings tend to look much like her. She’s also tried her hand in body painting and was the artist responsible for the body paint on celebrity Joey Mead for a photo which appeared on a Rogue Magazine cover.

Indeed, she seems to be very comfortable with anything related to art. Recently, she was involved in designing clothes that were modeled in a French fashion event in the Philippines. The field of fashion seems to be where she’s most comfortable and she talks about going back to that field once her time as a local showbusiness personality ends. However, showbusiness and modeling doesn’t seem like it wants to let go of her just yet with all the offers being thrown her way.

Because her rise as a celebrity has been so quick these past two years alone, many might be unaware that she had actually started appearing in TV years ago as a commercial model. She had appeared in a Pop Cola advertisement on TV which left many viewers wanting to know the name of the gorgeous female who appeared on screen.

Before Solenn hit the limelight, she was also known as the then girlfriend of Filipino celebrity actor Derek Ramsay. The two first met when she was still a 16-year-old and their relationship lasted for four years. Much of that period was spent apart, though, when she studied fashion design in Paris. Now that they’re no longer together as a couple, though, she says that they still speak with each other and ask each other how they’re doing.

The turning point when she began to be known to most Filipinos was when she joined Survivor Philippines. Instantly, she became a fan favorite and easily reached a spot in the final four slots of the reality game show.

Her role in the remake of the cult classic Temptation Island also further established her as one of the most alluring actresses in the country while sharing screentime with the other Temptation Island beauties, Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista and Lovi Poe.

Now, it seems like nothing can stop lovely Solenn from whatever she sets herself to do. She had also now ventured into another one of her passions which is singing. Last July 2011, she released her music album which was simply entiled as “Solenn” and one of the songs in this LP was actually a co-creation between her and rockstar Rico Blanco. Soon after that, she decided it was a good time to appear in a live concert and that’s what she did in August when she performed in the event “Solenn On Stage”. She performed songs from her album as well as had a duet with musicmaker Ogie Alcasid.

When trying to predict what might be next for Solenn, a good rule of thumb might simply be: “Don’t.” With the number of interests she has and proficiency in each of these fields, the sky’s the limit for this beautiful, talented unpredictable celebrity.

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