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Rica Peralejo has one of the most extensive acting biographies for an actress her age. She began as a child, and shifted through age groups and genres to collect an impressive list of credits. Despite all this, she has also done documentary films and established herself as a talented singer.

Rica Peralejo was born on March 7, 1980, in the Philippines. She soon earned a role in the children’s comedy show “Ang TV.” In her teen years, she won roles in teen television comedy shows “Gimik” and  “T.G.I.S.” These shows gave Peralejo her start in acting as a career.
After her days in youth variety and sitcoms, Peralejo landed roles in movies and other television programs. She moved between many genres fluently, which earned her various “queen” titles such as “Bold Queen,” “Horror Queen,” and “Scream Queen.” Despite the labels the media tried to pin on her, she also continued acting in comedies and sitcoms, as well as variety shows and television dramas.

Like many other teen stars, Peralejo had a role in the television series “Komics,” which was written from Philippine comic books, and several other programs. Over these years she faced intense competition from other Filipino stars , such as Angelu de Leon. In 2003 she was involved in a traffic accident in which her driver killed a 5-year-old boy. Ironically, she was working on “Malikmata,” a film about a woman who could see the dead—she had the starring role. None of this held her back, and she pushed forward to rise above her competition.
Between 1996 and 2006, Rica Peralejo starred or appeared in whopping 21 movies, 12 television episodes and series, and two videos. Through this, she still managed to cut three music CDs and had one single rise to the top of the charts, a cover of the love song “Fallin.” Her film credits include almost all genres: documentary, horror/thrillers, comedies, drama, action, family entertainment, and crime suspense. She has also participated in music awards ceremonies, talk shows, and television episodes (also of various genres).

With all of her different talents, Peralejo needs no other profession to fall back on, but she may be acting as a mentor to another up-and-coming actress—Peralejo’s younger sister, Paula, appears to be following in the older girl’s footsteps.


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