Rhian Ramos

Gorgeous, fresh-faced, alluring, these are all adjectives frequently used to describe Rhian Denise Ramos Howell or simply Rhian Ramos. Born to parents Gareth Howell, a Welsh, and her Filipina mother Clara Ramos, she burst into the Philippine showbusiness scene in 2006 when she appeared in a McDonald’s commercial, earning her the moniker “the Mcjelly Trio girl” Her good looks got her noticed by Filipino audiences right away. What’s even more remarkable is this stint as a commercial model then resulted in a major TV role. That same year, she was cast as Richard Gutierrez’ leading lady in the superhero TV series Captain Barbell.

In Captain Barbell, Rhian Ramos played the role of Leah Lazaro, who was the object of Richard Gutierrez’ character Teng’s affections. Through the show, the few who have previously not yet heard of the “Mcjelly Trio girl” came to admire the young lady’s gorgeous looks. Instantly, fan sites began to appear on the Internet and a new national celebrity crush was established in the person of Rhian.

When asked in interviews, Rhian would also mention how it was through the prompting of her parents that she ended up auditioning for the role in the hit Superhero drama. She had initially not been too interested in appearing in the show, content with appearing in TV commercials. But thankfully, her parents managed to convince her to try her hand in acting and that, as they say, is history.

Her next role after Captain Barbell would arrive quickly as she was then given the role of Avril in another GMA series, Lupin. Her co-star from Captain Barbell, Richard Gutierrez would once again be her leading man in this role.

Movies were next in line for this talented young lady with her first film role in 2007’s The Promise. Here, she would work with Richard again albeit not his leading lady in the role as that role was given to Angel Locsin, another frequent co-star of Richard’s.

In 2008, Lalola was another breakout role for Rhian as she played the role of Lola, who was initially a male character who was cursed to become a woman after he broke the heart of a woman who later committed suicide. Her character learns how to better empathize with women as she grows as a person. To many critics, this role proved how versatile Rhian was as an actress in playing the fish out of water role.

As extensive as her experience in acting, though, is her experience in hosting duties ever since 2008’s Pinoy Idol Extra up to today’s Manny Many Prizes alongside boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

When it comes to her personal life, Rhian has unfortunately figured in several controversies regarding due to men she’s been involved with. One of these is with fellow celebrity JC De Vera. After their breakup, the actor had mentioned to reporters that he wanted to simply remove Rhian from memory. Rhian later chastised JC due to his statements when she herself was asked about the issue.

Another issue involved the celebrity DJ Mo Twister who had also been involved with Rhian. The end to their relationship was said to have come about with the help of Twitter. Reports indicate that Rhian had broken up with Mo, confirming in a tweet without mentioning the name of the person she was addressing it to that they had indeed been a couple for a year but she was breaking up with that person. An exchange of tweets then occurred between the two celebrities’ accounts and though many of their fans have been confused by the dialogue between the two interpreted it as a breakup.

Even with those controversies, though, Rhian’s star continues to shine and as well it should. Rhian, after all, is one of the hottest talents in the business today. She is equally adept in acting and hosting and is willing to try new things such as her entry into the world of music with her 2009 music album, Audition Dance Battle.

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