Melissa Ricks

In an interview, Melissa Ricks mentioned how many of her batch mates in Star Circle Quest had already made big names for themselves. Names like Roxanne Guinoo and Joross Gamboa and, of course, Sandara Park who has already become an international celebrity would come to mind. And that is why she’s quite happy and feels that all the hard work she’s put in is now paying off. She has recently been cast as the title character in Nasaan Ka Elisa, after all, and based on all the hype and buzz that show has been receiving, Melissa’s star is about to shine even brighter.

Melissa was born on January 9, 1990 in the United States of America. Her mother is a Filipina while her father is an American. Melissa had always been interested in entertaining people and performing for a crowd and so her career now as an actress isn’t entirely unexpected. When they moved to the Philippines when she was still young, many were surprised by Melissa’s fluency in speaking Tagalog. But that particular feat was only made possible by Melissa’s desire to learn how to speak Tagalog even while they were still living in the United States. Melissa made sure to learn and regularly practice the language and thus was used to speaking it already by the time they moved here.

Star Circle was a name for the yearly batch of talent that ABS-CBN picks to promote and manage, showcasing them in TV shows and movies through Star Cinema. But in 2004, the reality talent show boom had made its way to Philippine shores and the network decided to launch a competition to find talents for Star Circle. Thus was born the Star Circle Quest contest in 2004. Melissa Ricks felt that it was a good opportunity and thus joined the contest. From thousands of teenaged Filipinos who wanted to be stars, the number was narrowed down to ten. Melissa would prove herself in the competition and though it would be Hero Angeles who would win first place, Melissa would still manage a place inside the top five.

As one of the top winners, she would appear in TV dramas such as in Maalaala Mo Kaya and appear regularly as a host and performer in many of the network’s variety shows such as in ASAP Fanatic. In 2006, she would appear in Channel 2’s weekly show Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko. It would also be at this time when she would be paired opposite the Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate Matt Evans. The pairing would prove a popular one among audiences and the show weekly show would last for a total of 33 episodes.

The tandem with Matt would also be employed in many of the pair’s next projects including their appearances in the Princess Sarah TV series and in Iisa Pa Lamang as well as in three different Your Song storylines.

In 2009, Melissa would appear as Ella in the hit afternoon drama Kambal sa Uma. Here, her character played the role of one of a pair of twins who have been cursed to possess rodent qualities from birth. Matt Evans would be her leading man in the series as well. The show would receive positive reviews from critics and would have a total of 125 episodes.

A year later, the pair would again appear in Tanging Yaman as the spoiled niece of the President of the Philippines. The show would also be highly-regarded as it combines traditional romance and drama with highly-charged political drama.

The Chilean drama Donde Esta Elisa becomes a hit in its own home country as well as gets a Spanish remake is turned into Nasaan Ka Elisa by ABS-CBN and now stars Melissa Ricks. Here, Elisa, played by Melissa Ricks is portrayed as a wealthy, beautiful, perfect daughter who has more than a few skeletons in her closet. The show features intrigue, drama, mystery and a whodunit premise which is new to Philippine television audiences.

After working hard for years as an actress trying to perfect her craft, Melissa sees Nasaan Ka Elisa as the next step in her career. And to many of her fans, being given this opportunity is something that she really deserves.  And it just might be what catapults this beautiful, talented and sexy actress to even greater heights of stardom.

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