Maricel Soriano


Popularly known as the Diamond Star of Philippine Showbiz, Maricel Soriano is a hugely talented and one of the most versatile actors.

Born Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano 25 February 1965, she began acting at the tender age of six. To this day, Maricel has acted in over 83 movies and many TV serials. Her first movie was the 1971 hit, ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ and her latest movie is ‘I Will Survive’ (a musical comedy), and ‘Filipinas’ (a family drama) for which she received the 2004 Best Actress trophies from the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), and the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), the local counterpart of the Oscars.

But her first run into fame and recognition came at the age of nine when she won the 9th Manila Film Festival for Virgo Film’s ‘Alaala mo, Daigdig ko’ (Your Memory is My World), in 1974. She also won the same award at the Ilo-ilo Film Festival in 1974 for ‘John and Marsha’ that became that set the record as being the longest running Philippine Comedy. Maricel honed her comic skills under the aegis of the Philippine’s King of Comedy, Dolphy and the late Nida Blanca , one of Philippine’s top calibre actors. Both of whom she considered as her second parents.

The spotlight turned on Maricel brightly in 1981 when she acted in ‘Underage’. After the release of this film, her acted career skyrocketed to newer heights of superstardom. Not only did she act in dramas, and comedies, but she also did horror, action and fantasy movies will equal ease, became Box Office hits, and brought tons of awards her way!

Some of her selected and most popular films include: ‘I Will Survive’ (2004), ‘Filipinas’ (2003), ‘Mano Po’ (2002), ‘Mila’ (2002), ‘Soltera’ (2002), ‘Abandonada’ (2001), ‘Dahas’ (2000), ‘Kung Kaya Mo Kaya Ko Rin’ (1996), ‘Separada’ (1993), ‘Maria Went To Town’ (1988), and ‘Pinulot Lang Kita Sa Putik’ (1987). Some of her most popular comedy shows include: ‘2+2’, ‘Kung Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis’ (If the Husband Can do It, the Wife Can), ‘Mary d’ Potter’ and currently, ‘Bida si Mister’, ‘Bida si Misis’ (The Husband and Wife are Lead Characters).

Today, Maricel Soriano continues to shine as one of the Queens of the Philippine Entertainment Industry.

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