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The name Lucy Torres wasn’t around for more than 20 years in Philippine show business. At that time, the beautiful, alabaster-skinned owner was busy living a normal and comfortable life in Ormoc, where she hailed, and Cebu, where she studied in college. However, everything changed when she met her husband, Richard Gomez

Lucy Torres was born on December 11, 1974, in Ormoc, Leyte. She came from an affluent family, who owned several hectares of land. Her parents were of Spanish descent, which basically explains her soft skin and mestiza looks. She attended elementary and high school in St. Paul College in their city.

In 1993, a new face appeared in the boob tube. Lucy was introduced as the new model Lux shampoo together with Richard Gomez, a very popular actor. Though she never had any spoken line in any of the TVCs that belonged to the series, she was able to capture the attention of many, especially the males, because of her stunning looks and feminine moves. It also paved the way for her romance with Richard to bloom.

It was in 1997 when they were about to shoot her last episode for the commercial. Though Lucy already had a long-time crush on Richard, nothing really happened for nearly 4 years, except for few phone calls from him. However, when Richard parted ways with Patricia Borromeo, a preschool teacher and a model, and Lucy was free, they soon found time to notice each other. Since then, Richard wasted no time. Before he left for a fencing competition abroad, he would always call Lucy, who was already in Ormoc by then. Seven months into the relationship, Richard already proposed, and a wedding date was already set.

They married in St. Peter and Paul Parish in Ormoc. It still remains one of the most celebrated weddings. There were huge TV screens installed in the plaza, and the entire ceremony and reception was placed in primetime. Lucy was also he only bride who wore three different kinds of wedding gowns before she stuck with a form-fitting spaghetti-strapped dress. They also held three pre-wedding receptions to accommodate their loved ones and fans.

It would not be long before Lucy would find herself on TV. She was one of the stars in Richard Loves Lucy, where she acted alongside her husband, Gloria Romero, and Jolina Magdangal. Despite the heavy Visayan accent, she was warmly accepted by couch potatoes. She then hosted All about You, Shall We Dance, and A Sweet Life. She is also presently a Bench endorser and one of the celebrity designers for Kashieca.

During her spare time, Lucy would either be in her flamenco class or in the gym, boxing. She also loved to do several art projects with her daughter, Juliana, or decorate their contemporary home.

Lucy once considered herself a hypochondriac. She would often get paranoid every time she started to feel something different in her that she would instantly dial her doctor. Fortunately, with her fervent faith for God and Mother Mary, she’s slowly getting rid of this bad habit.

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