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Who says beauty and brains don’t combine? In fact, you can add a little toss of sexiness. Look at Katya Santos and you know very well that she has it all.

Katrina Santos was born on February 2, 1982, in Manila, Philippines. As early as 4 years old, she was already busy doing commercials. The most notable was her Bear Brand ad. Growing up, she found the right training at Ang TV, a youth-oriented talent show of ABS-CBN.

It wasn’t long before she became a regular member of Oki Doki Doc. At 13, she tested her comic skills along with veteran comedians such as Babalu and Jimmy Santos. She also acted alongside Philippine-renowned thespians such as Claudine Barretto" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/claudine-barretto.html" target="_blank">Claudine Barretto and Aga Muhlach .

However, perhaps it’s because younger talents started flooding the entertainment industry or that she was caught in a very awkward age, Katya’s career hardly took off. As a bold move, she decided to hop on the sexy bandwagon.

Katya was one of the original elite sexy members of the Viva Hot Babes. Her participation eventually catapulted her to a certified sex symbol. Together with the likes of Maui Taylor" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/maui-taylor.html">Maui Taylor , Gwen Garci" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/gwen-garci.html" target="_blank">Gwen Garci , and Andrea Del Rosario" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/andrea-del-rosario.html" target="_blank">Andrea del Rosario , to name a few, they were able to release a number of sizzling videoke CDs and DVDs. Katya even got her solo spot courtesy of her Wet, Wild, and Kinky album. They also became busy promoting their singles such as Basketbol and Bulaklak, which, surprisingly, appealed to the masses, even to younger kids.

Her voluptuous bodies also graced numerous men’s magazines, including FHM and Hot Stuff. She was Tanduay’s official calendar girl in 2004. Most of all, it paved the way for a couple of dark movies such as Radyo and Sexdrive. Keka, despite being a bold film, got rave reviews even from the harshest critics. It’s a good thing that she was able to make her way through in spite of rejecting great roles in Tatarin, Balahibong Pusa, and Scorpio Nights.

Katya Santos went back to boob tube playing the role of Morita Ponce in the TV adaptation of Hiram na Mukha. This gave her an opportunity to showcase her own subtle yet convincing acting capabilities, especially when it demanded her o play the ultimate kontrabida against Heart Evangelista" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/heart-evangelista.html" target="_blank">Heart Evangelista .

But she had enough. After Boso, which was released in 2005, Katya hopes to only reminisce those bolder days and rather focus on taking in more mature roles. She is also attempting to hone her singing skills and wish to release her first CD very soon. It will be a combination of pop and R&B, music genres she has grown to love and truly passionate about.

If she’s not doing movies, she also keeps her hands full managing her pizza parlor business, along with her non-showbiz boyfriend. Ever since, Katya has always been business-minded. It even persuaded her to take up Business Administration in International Academy of Management.

Indeed there’s more to life than showbiz. With wits, beauty, character, and body to die for, Katya will definitely go a long way.

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