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Without any shadow of a doubt, she has made her mark in Philippine cinema with her sultry sexuality and voluptuous body. As many would agree and many more would detest, Joyce Jimenez, nicknamed “Ang Pantasya ng Bayan,” has literally seduced herself free from obscurity and set her name in stone in the form of Filipino films.

Joyce Jimenez is a Filipino-American actress who has gained fame in the Philippines through the films that she starred. She was born as Joyce Herrin Reintegrado on March 21, 1978 to Filipino migrant parents in Los Angeles, California. She is one of two children in her family, the other one being her brother. She resided La Puente, California, where she studied in Bishop Amat High School. Very soon, she was passed the University of California exam. However, Joyce decided not to pursue it and eventually came to the Philippines. Suffice to say, that decision to skip college changed her life and paved the way to her unexpected future as an actress.During the year 1996, at the age of 18, she joined the Miss Philippines-Hollywood beauty tilt. She did not win the title, but she did win as Miss Photogenic and also caught the eye of one of the judges, who was actually also a movie talent manager. After the said beauty pageant, he approached her and gave her his contact details and told her to keep in touch with him if she would ever go to the Philippines. She did so the following year, and the rest, as some people would say, was history.

She started her movie acting career in the year 1997, where she filled supporting roles at first in more than half a dozen films. Then in 1999, she was featured in the film “Scorpio Nights 2,” directed by Erik Matti, alongside leading actor, Albert Martinez, and former beauty queen, Daisy Reyes, as a main character named Valerie. The role made her a celebrity overnight and shot her to stardom in the Philippines with her sexual presence and incredible body, having disrobed in the movie on two occasions, including a frontal nude shot.

Soon after “Scorpio Nights 2,” she starred in even more movies, most of which she has starred and stripped naked in. These movies became a male audience magnet due to her overt sexuality and her beautiful body more than her acting ability, as some Filipino film critics would argue. The sex-laden movies she subsequently acted in garnered the undivided attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, giving a lot of those movies X ratings, which testifies to how hot and sexually stimulating her movies really were. Due to this, she cemented her status as an object of fantasies for Filipino men everywhere.

Recently, she attained a college degree from a university in Australia, thus making up for her skipping college to pursue a career in show business. Also, she has been acting in television show and keeping herself active in the limelight, including a recent TV series “Lupin” in GMA 7.

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