Jewel Mische

Jewel Mische was born Jewel Fatima Avejade Mische; her mother is a Filipina and her father is of a German-Spanish-American lineage. It was in 2007, on the GMA TV talent show StarStruck’s fourth season where Jewel Mische first came to national attention. Here, after competing with 19 other young hopefuls, she managed to bag the award for “Ultimate Sweetheart”. Since then, she has continued to act, model and host, continually proving herself a true jewel among today’s batch of younger celebrities.

As a launch pad for Jewel, StarStruck Season Four would ultimately be a proving ground for many of today’s prominent and up-and-coming stars such as Aljur Abrenica, Mart Escudero and Kris Bernal. All of the contestants were not only vying for a place in the finals but also trying to prove themselves as potential stars of GMA-7’s shows. However, there was no denying that Jewel was early on one of the favorites in the competition, leaving many fans to comment that she might have been the best find in the history of the competition. Because of the reality show’s format with the other contestants able to influence who gets to stay in the competition, Jewel was placed in a precarious position several times. However, with the TV audience’s support, she eventually managed to become the” ultimate sweetheart” winning a million Pesos and a management contract with the network.

She was part of Sunday Variety show SOP the same year she won in StarStruck. The network felt that she was ready to appear in its shows as she was cast in Fantastic Man and Mga Mata ni Anghelita. More prominent roles that same year included Sunday afternoon show Magic Kamison with five episodes entitled Black Jewel in the Palace, the title being inspired by Jewel’s name.

Another big role was in Kamandag, a fantasy and superhero series also starring GMA-7 powerhouse Richard Gutierrez and Mark Anthony Fernandez. Here, Jewel played the role of Jenny, who becomes the woman the Richard and Mark’s characters fall for and eventually fight over. The series was regarded highly by critics and also did well when it came to its ratings. In fact, the series came close to getting as many viewers as GMA’s biggest hit that season, Marimar. She would continue to appear in more shows in GMA-7 including 2009’s Dear Friend: Magkaribal where she appeared for four episodes.

Jewel reached another monumental point in her career in late 2010 when her contract with the Kapamilya Network ended and she opted to sign with ABS-CBN instead. In Philippine showbusiness, moving from one network to another can sometimes be frowned upon by TV fans.  However, Jewel defended her move to fans by saying that it was supported by the people she worked with in the previous network. She also felt that it was time for her to give her career a brand new start and moving to another station would be the best way to support that aim.

According to reports, the first professional experience that she had once she was already in ABS-CBN’s fence was to attend extensive acting workshops in order to prepare her for her new duties.

There has, however, been some controversy upon her move to ABS-CBN and the station’s choice to pair her with its popular star Gerald Anderson in the show Buhawi Jack. That period had recently marked the end to Gerald and Kim Chiu’s last tandem in a TV series and fans of the two former Pinoy Big Brother teen housemates felt that Jewel wasn’t worthy of being one to replace Kim Chiu. Kim Chiu herself, though, has gone on record to ask her fans to give Jewel a chance to be paired with Gerald. But aside from that one glitch, the move to ABS-CBN seems to be an auspicious one as Jewel quickly appeared in several other shows for the station. Her newest work is in the hit show 100 Days to Heaven where she plays a pivotal role. With her career revitalized and going strong, where Jewel Mische goes from here is all up to her. To many of her biggest fans, though, particularly those who have fallen in love with her throughout these last several years, Jewel Mische is always going to be their ultimate sweetheart.

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