Jessy Mendiola

With the series Budoy about to replace the recently ended ABS-CBN show Guns and Roses in its coveted primetime timeslot, the Internet is once again abuzz as netizens try to find more information about it. One of the names frequently being mentioned belongs to Jessy Mendiola, the lead actress who will play the love interest of both Gerald Anderson and Enrique Gil’s characters in the series. And if sources are indeed correct, this show just might make Jessy Mendiola the next big name in local showbusiness.

Jessy Mendiola was born Jessica Mendiola Tawile on December 3, 1992 in the United Arab Emirates. Her father is British-Lebanese and her mother is a Filipina. In 1996 when Jessy was only three years of age, her mother brought her and her older sister with her to the Philippines where Jessy has lived ever since.

Jessy joined the illustrious Star Magic Circle on its 15th batch in 2007. She appeared in ABS-CBN shows Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2 and Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos in supporting roles that year. In 2008, she was cast in the hit Superhero comedy series Volta.

After appearing in several other ABS-CBN TV shows, she finally got her breakout role in 2010’s afternoon series Sabel wherein she played the titular character. The show was based on the 1980s classic movie Bata Pa Si Sabel with the Sabel role then being played by industry icon Snooky Serna. In this remake, Jessy Mendiola worked with fellow newcomers AJ Perez and Joseph Marco.

The role Jessy had in the show required her to take on a more sexy persona and many fans also considered the show as something similar to the earlier ABS-CBN series Katorse which made Erich Gonzales a household name with her sexy role in the series. Jessy indeed became more well known due to this role and more fans began to notice the young actress. Jessy Mendiola had finally started to reach the heights of celebrity as she became the dream girl to many Filipino showbiz fans.

Nearly a year later comes another big role for Jessy, this time with the new series Budoy. Prior to this show appearing on the air, Jessy had stated in an interview how she was actually pleased that she wasn’t in anyway typecast into taking only sexy roles. Though her previous hit Sabel was a more mature role, this time Budoy would be a different kind of challenge for her. This is because of Budoy’s subject matter. Her co-star in the series, Gerald Anderson, is going to be playing a man in his early adulthood who was born with Angelman syndrome, thus his mental and social skills have developed at a decreased rate compared to others. Jessy Mendiola would be playing Jackie who becomes the object of Budoy’s affections in the series.

With Jessy all set to take her next step to greater fame, some criticism has been leveled her way. The reason for said criticism is actually due to fans of Gerald Anderson not wanting him to appear with another actress as his leading lady. Instead, it’s Kim Chiu of the famous “Kimerald” tandem who they think is more worthy of being cast opposite Gerald. This has caused some of their fans to bash Jessy in online forums and in Twitter. However, not one to be disheartened, Jessy simply hopes to have her work speak for itself in order to change these fans’ minds.

At this point, there are still many more steps for young Jessy Mendiola to take before she can become a truly successful actress in the local TV and film industry. However, if one were to base predictions on the number of male celebrities who have found it easy to openly declare Jessy their celebrity crush and all the buzz that’s slowly but surely getting generated by her name, one can predict that she’s surely on her way towards bigger and better things.

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