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Born May 15, 1987, an actress, produced by a reality artista search in GMA 7, Starstruck has now been regarded one of the most sought television personality in her generation. However, her success in life nowadays, were brought out of the trials in her life when she was a child. Her childhood and teenage life was actually featured in Magpakailanman where most people was shocked after knowing what life Jennylyn Mercado experienced before she became this famous now.

News burst out involving her as a battered child when she was only four years old. The suspect of the said abuse was done by her stepfather who actually burned out her back with a flat iron, and incinerated her skin with cigarette butts. However, her biological mother who was then in Dubai working as a OFW, immediately went home to the Philippines strangely not for her daughter’s sake but to let her husband freed from jail. Years after, her mother went to London to stay there for good and have her own family.

Luckily, a concern relative of Jennylyn legally adopted her, who is Lydia Mercado, her aunt. Her real father was also working out of the country but it was in 2004 when he arrived secretly in the country just to see her daughter. Rumors spread out that her father just went home to ask for money to Jennylyn. However, Jen told the audience that she really wanted to see his dad because she missed him a lot and she also proved that rumors were not true at all.

Due to the abominable experience she had during her childhood years,  Jennylyn was then offered to be a spokesperson in an organization relative to children being abused. This was the Bata Foundation, a non-governmental organization which primarily supports the children with funds they raise coming from their partner groups, CMD and the GMA Artist Center.

Before her Startruck Popularity

All people are aware that besides acting, Jennylyn is definitely a good singer. Before she joined the talent search where she won, she was a recording artist under Alpha Records. She was actually in a singing group named GF of Nonoy Tan. Unluckily, some of the members of the group were not satisfied with their career thus decided to leave the group. Jennylyn was left alone so her singing career that time was not that successful at all.

However, another offer came her way but more into modeling. She auditioned lots of VTR’s from advertising agencies.  Fortunately, patience paid off when she was then chosen as the endorser of Bambini Cologne and Ponds.

Going back to her passion, which is singing, she was fortunate enough when she met her friend Nina Sanches who actually asked her to sing a little in a bar in Malate. Little did she know that the manager was watching her sing.  The manager was impressed of her talent thus offering her a regular stint in the bar. And her journey as a singer outshine as she grows more.

Star-struck Mania

After winning the reality based search together with her partner turned former boyfriend Mark Herras, numerous movies and shows paved her way. It thus made her one of the most sought young actress in the industry. Her forst ever featured film was So happy Together where he played the rebellious daughter of Kris Aquino . Another mvoie which was a box office hit was "Say That You Love Me", starred by Richard Guitterez and Angel Locsin .

However, the most challenging role she had ever portrayed in a movie was a young Corazon in the movie "Blue Moon" which she actually received a Best Supporting Actress because of the admirable talent she showed in the movie.

Along with her talent in singing, GMA records actually gave her a big opportunity when she made albums with hit songs on the radio programs and music charts. Numerous awards from music awards and acting awards were also received by Jennylyn at her very young age.

Jennylyn Mercado also made her first major concert after her birthday in the Music Museum titled, Music in Me. The show was said to be jampacked and sold out.

Now, Jennylyn is continuously soaring high as one of the leading lady stars in her generation. She is now partnered with her real time loveteam Patrick Garcia.

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