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She’s a person who has been to hell and back. And despite the negative stories thrown at her, she still finds herself singing beautiful tunes.

Marianel Saluria Jamer, or more popular known as Janelle Jamer, in media was born on November 16, 1983. She could have been a real Tondo girl, if not for her family moving to Caloocan. Along with them was her mother, Evelyn, and Anne and Sarah, her two younger sisters. Zaldy, her older brother, was based in Canada.

When asked by the press today, Janelle would picture out her childhood as that of poverty. She remembered pretty well when they would have nothing to eat except champorado. Because Janelle wanted to give a better life to her family—and because she would love to depend on her own than to others when it comes to finances—she ventured into working. She later became a regular host and singer in a comedy bar called Zirkoh along with Kaye Brosas. It was during this time that she was able to hone her skills in singing and hosting, as well as started wearing miniskirts. Her grandmother was a well-known disciplinarian that she wasn’t allowed to wear sleeveless blouses not until she was in second year college.

She was barely 18 when she found herself employed while at the same time finishing her course in Informatics College. For her, it was the most troubling time as she had to live far away from her mother and her sisters who were also staying in dormitories near their school.

Her biggest break, however, was when she was chosen to be one of the female hosts of the now-famous TV game show called Wowowee. Who could forget her lovely voice every time she sings “Doo Doo Doo, Daa Daa Daa” along with the primary game show host Willie Revillame" href="celebrities/other-celebrities/willie-revillame.html" target="_blank">Willie Revillame. A lot of televiewers saw her perky personality, which is quite reminiscent or Rufa Mae Quinto’s personal character.

However, after 14 months, on May 31, 2007, she bid a tearful farewell to her fellow co-hosts Roxanne Guinoo" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/roxanne-guinoo.html" target="_blank">Roxanne Guinoo and Mariel Rodriguez" href="celebrities/other-celebrities/mariel-rodriguez.html" target="_blank">Mariel Rodriguez . This further added fuel to the fire about her alleged relationship with Willie Revillame. It was rumored that she was pregnant and that she was leaving for the United States. To dispel gossips, however, her initial reason was she was going to perform in a series of shows abroad.

Such story didn’t come true, though. In fact, in one of her interviews in Showbiz Central, an entertainment talk show in GMA-7, she stated what she said was the real reason. A very sensitive girl, she wasn’t happy with the way the stories were already told and the criticisms thrown at her. Yet not a lot were impressed. Others believed that her answers were pretty unclear. It was also not clear if she was going to jump ship to ABS-CBN’s archrival, GMA-7.

Nevertheless, Janelle is moving on. She proudly announced that she’s now currently handled byRegine Velasquez" href="musicians/filipino-singers/regine-velasquez.html"> Regine Velasquez’s sister and manager Cacai Velasquez. Janelle released an album entitled Lucky Girl in 2006. The single, also the album title, became the official theme song for the movie D’ Lucky Ones starring Sandara Park" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/sandara-park.html" target="_blank">Sandara Parkand Joseph Bitangcol.{mos_ri}

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