Gwen Garci

Gwen Garci had originally chosen the name Gwen Garcia, but because so many actors and actresses in the Philippines already used the last name Garcia, her manager (Jessica Rodriguez) convinced her to drop the last letter. Although she has done various genres of  film, Garci is an actress primarily in the erotica genre—most films have some erotic or secual overtones. She has also performed in a DVD instruction video on seductive stripping.


Born Mai Lee Ang in the Philippines, Gwen Garci has a variegated heritage. She is Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino, and claims to belong to a Chinese clan. Before her acting career was launched in 2003, Garci started her show business life at age 16, winning the 1997 Body Shots contest. Soon after her win in Baguio, Philippines, she began a career as a model. However, Garci was not meant to be restricted to posing and runways—Vic del Rosario (Viva Hot Babes ) discovered her talent and brought her into the world of acting.


After del Rosario tapped Garci to become one of the original cast of “Viva Hot Babes,” her career took off. Part of the reason is because “Viva Hot Babes” was such a controversial flick. It was a steamy film that got the Philippine public interested in the made-for-video movies. While some Philippine conservatives felt it was “too daring,” others thought it should be classified as an R-18 movie for adults.

Largely because of the controversy surrounding “Viva Hot Babes,”  Gwen Garci was propelled into the world of film acting. After this movie was released, Garci had roles in dramas, erotic dramas, comedies, several adventure films, some reality television episodes, a thriller, and even a game show. A whopping five of these films and TV appearances were in the year 2003.

Although her background seems widely varied, most of these movies and videos carry highly charged sexual scenes, fantasies, and subjects. Many of them could be classified more as erotica than their current classifications. Garci also did an instructional DVD on seductive stripping. The video promises to teach viewers how to undress seductively as well as use striptease to keep in shape, not to mention various forms of dancing.


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