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Born June 25, 1985- Ehra Madrigal made her television debut as one of the minor characters in the TV hit fantasy-series in GMA 7, Mulawin. From then on, her success continuously come her way wherein from a wholesome image, she actually turned out to be one of the sexiest women in the Philippines in her generation as voted by the public in For Him Magazine (FHM).

Who is Ehra BEFORE?

Geralyn Madrigal Gaspar (Ehra as her screen name) describes herself as a shy, timid and loner type of person which most people don’t know about her. She actually prefers going to shopping malls alone just through riding taxi cab because according to her, even though she is a celebrity now, she cannot still afford to buy a new car for herself so she actually commute or ride the MRT whenever she goies to her tapings in GMA Network Center.

Most people especially her close friends are aware that Ehra actually lived a very affluent life when she was on her younger years. Her family owned six cars so as various types of business like bottled waters and taxi cabs.  Unfortunately, the life which brought her comfort and contentment suddenly reversed, the other way around.

Her parents decided to go on their separate ways when she was still two years old and her mother was that time pregnant to her younger sister, Michelle Madrigal (ABS-CBN Talent). Her parents actually remarried with their new husband and wife that is why they tended to have half brothers and half sisters. According to her, with that kind of life they had during their younger years, it was definitely difficult for them to cope up.

However, with the innate talents of the two Madrigal sisters, they were able to enter in the world of showbiz. Michelle actually was the first to be a celebrity when she joined Star Circle Quest, a celebrity search in ABS-CBN. She was not the grand winner of the said contest, but she was then given god projects that showed off her talent in acting.

Ehra, on the other hand was discovered by Annabelle Rama who is currently her manager.

Who is Ehra NOW?

Annabelle actually introduced her to the executives of GMA 7.  Without any questions and doubts, she was then placed as one of the TAGUBAS in Mulawin.  This was then succeeded by Encantadia and Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako, where she had her first ever biggest role together with Camille Prats . She also was able to do movies such as Enteng Kabisote, an entry of Metro Manila Fimfest last 2006 and I Will Always Love You with Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin. Another fantasay soap gave her a break in Majika and then casted as one of the leading ladies in Lupin.

The turning point of her career absolutely was when she decided to pose sexy in the top men’s magazine in the country, FHM.  According to Ehra, she actually thought about it several times if shes going to pursue that type of thing, but being a mature lady, she realized that with great change of genre, another one comes along positively.

People actually liked her change of image. As with her family, they were so supportive of her decisions. Her sister at first was shocked but in the end admired and liked the pictures. Ehra’s boyfriend also supported her all the way.

Asked if she would go bold?

Ehra Madrigal says, it would be okay as long as she is not being mocked.
Well, her success as an actress really proved the audience that even though she’s now deciding process whether she would pursue sexier projects, still, she is good with wholesome television programs.{mos_ri}

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