Carmen Soo

The Philippines has had a long history of falling in love with beautiful female celebrities from other countries who visit us and wind up staying or coming back often due to the country’s hospitality. Examples would be Dayanara Torres and Michelle Van Aimeren who ended up having their own successful showbusiness careers here in the country. More recently, Carmen Soo is another one of these talented women who has found admiration from her many fans in the Philippines.

Carmen Soo or Carmen Soo Wai Mun is a Malaysian who is also of Chinese descent. She was born on October 14, 1977 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She started modeling in her home country early on back when she was only 17 when she won in a local modeling contest. At the young age of twenty, she already began to be known as an international model. During that time, she was based in competitive Hong Kong but she also traveled all over Asia as a model for TV and print ads. To many Asian fans, She became the face representing many regional brands such as Pantene and Ponds.

Later on, she ventured into the acting field beginning with a role in a Jackie Chan movie by the name of Gorgeous. In that shoot, Carmen had the experience of working with other notable Asian celebrities like Shu Qi.

Juggling her modeling, TV roles and stage acting, she was next invited by ABS-CBN to appear in one of its TV dramas opposite popular Filipino actor Jericho Rosales. The 2008 series Kahit Isang Saglit was a Philippines-Malaysia co-production and starred other notable Filipino actors such as Cristopher de Leon, Albert Martinez and sexy actress Cristine Reyes. The series was later shown in other Asian countries and garnered a nomination for ABS-CBN in the International Emmy Awards in 2009.

Instantly, Carmen Soo became a sensation in the Philippines, guesting in noontime talkshows and even appearing in the local version of Deal or No deal hosted by Kris Aquino. Speculations were also rampant about the possibility that Jericho and Carmen had established a real life romantic relationship brought about by their experience on set. Years later, Jericho Rosales would clarify in an interview that their relationship had been purely professionals as actors.

ABS-CBN also made sure to sign her up with the Star Magic talent management brand in April of 2009. Carmen remarked that the experience of working in Kahit Isang Saglit had brought her closer to the Philippines and gave her additional opportunities for new projects such as work in other Philippine soap operas. She was also taking more Tagalog lessons during this time with a language coach who taught her four to five times each week.

After signing up for Star Magic, the beautiful actress’ next project with Star Cinema was in Tenement 2 which was a horror movie. Here, she got a chance to work with legendary icon Maricel Soriano. The movie contained fantasy elements and in it, Carmen played the role of a fairy intent on taking back her daughter who was raised as a human child.

She has continued to get hosting and acting work whenever she is in the Philippines such as in 2010’s role as a guest judge in popular talent contest Showtime. At one point, she was also a semi-regular co-host in the now defunct ABS-CBN show Wowowee with Willie Revillame. She has also been given the opportunity to work with local network TV5 in various shows such as Si Paco at ang Princesa alongside young actor JC De Vera. In 2011, she also appeared once more for TV5 in the show Luv Crazy Presents.

As she stated in an interview, it’s these kinds of opportunities that open up whenever she does international work that she truly relishes in her career. With the local Philippine dramas under her belt and as she continues to improve her talents in her various modeling and acting endeavors, Carmen Soo continues to exemplify what it means to be a true international artist.

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