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Although born in Deutchland, Germany, Bianca Kings Filipino side still dominated when she decided to migrate to the Philippines with her family and start to pursue her dreams of becoming a celebrity. Like any other female personalities,  she first started as a model then eventually changed her genre to acting where she landed the role of Aviona in the fantasy series in GMA 7, Mulawin.  From there, it’s all uphill when consecutive projects came her way in television and in movies.

Born March 18, 1986, Bianca Charlotte King lived a very comfortable life, simply living a wealthy, affluent life in Germany. However, she left her glamorous life in her country just to be part of a very atypical life in showbiz. Deciding to be an artist was actually out of fun and excitement only. At first she’s not the type of person who really is passionate in doing that kind of thing because for her, she just enjoys performing in front of the people.

As stated earlier, her first appearance as an actress in tv was when she was casted in Mulawin, an epic show in channel 7. According to her, she consider that moment the turning point of her career because she was able to show off her talent purely in acting. It would be a strange thing to say but Bianca’s frustration is acting because like what she believes, she is not that good at it unlike other female artists in her generation. Nevertheless, her role in Mulawin really impressed a lot of viewers thus making her another teenage icon in television and movies. She was then given major roles in movies like Mulawin: The Movie, Gigil and tv shows like Super Twins, a Filipino version of the power rangers.

A sexy pictorial was also offered to her that will be featured on the September 2007 issue of Uno Magazine. According to her, this was the most revealing pictorial she had ever done. Her rumored boyfriend Champ Lui Pio of the band Hale was also with her, the time of pictorial.

Having a chance, if she did not enter showbizness, she would definitely be in the field of advertising. Not all people know that she really is into doing television commercials. She’s a creative type of person that she shows off this side by creating or producing that kind of stuff. On the other hand, she also thought of doing fashion merchandising which she thought would be a successful thing she could do due to the fact that she’s a fashion enthusiast as absolutely shown in the way she dress.

In relation with her passion in doing and producing tv shows and commercials, she decided to go back to school and took up a course relative to that kind of activities. She is currently a sophomore student in De La Salle University- College of St. Benilde taking up Arts Management.

As a student, Bianca is said to be an active participant in class recitations and other school stuffs. She also admits of being a teacher’s pet because she really like making friends with her professors. Although the balancing if work and school is that hard for her, she realized that it would be better for her future conditions. At least when she could not become famous that much well in real life, she would be successful in other works she most likely wanted to do.

Bianca King also is said to be a sociable person. she loves going out with her friends which not most people know that her friends are mostly gay. According to her, she is more comfortable talking or going out with her gay friends because they are more fun to be with and more sophisticated unlike any other girl friends she has. The only problem she was getting in relation to his gay friends was that, whenever boys that would court her would somewhat condemn her friends. Most of his boyfriends actually are either homophobic or simply didn’t accept the friend she has which according to her, it really annoyed her. She thought that if she would be having another partner, that guy must accept her gay friends the way she accept her.

That kind of attitude really was admired by the viewers thus making her another young teenage icon in the showbiz industry. That even though she is rich, she’s not the typical “maarte” girl as what people might think of her. That behind her pretty and suggestive image, is a simple girl who just wants to act and be admired.

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