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An absolutely ravishing body and sultry looks is what Angelica Panganiban really is and when you add acting talent, the concoction is strong and heady. Don’t slip yet guys! She is no ordinary woman, she can induce the necessary sting in her acting to take her to the far horizon and put her on the pedestal that is only for the elite.

Angelica Panganiban was born on 4 November 1986 to Annabelle Panganiban in Philippines but she has no memories of her father Alfredo, and can’t recall his presence. In fact, she belonged to a group of students in school called the barkadahang walang ama or friends without fathers.

With a charming personality, and a generous height of 5’6", Angelica Panganiban seemed to be blessed with talent in acting. In school, Angelica was an average student but she balanced her studies well with co-curricular activities and later on with showbiz. She finished her high school in 2003 from St. Vincent, West Avenue and went on to win the Miss Junior and Senior Prom princess in 2002. She is the beauty with brains!

An emotional and caring individual, her emotions are also reflected in her movies. Her career started in 1992 with Ang TV and in 1993; she acted in her first movie Antipolo Massacre. Between 1993 and 1994, she worked in three movies, Kadenang bulaklak, Lipa Massacre and Separada. Seprada won her the Famas award for the best child actress. In 1995, she made a comeback on television with Familia Zaragoza and simultaneously acted in the movie Sarah, Ang munting prinsesa where she played the character of Becky.

Angelica has played various roles in her showbiz career so far and her onscreen vitality brings the much needed freshness to every movie. Some of the roles that Angelica loved playing include the role of ghost in “White Lady,” and that of a superhero in “Ronin.”

Angelica is a versatile actress with great performances in movies as well as television and some of her best works include Tanging Ina, Ang, Hanggang kailan kita mamahalin, All about Love and White Lady in movies and Familia Zaragoza, Vietnam Rose, and iingatan ka in television.{mos_ri}

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