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Mention the word “Angel,” and most probably, you’ll only hear one name: Angel Locsin. Indeed, though there are other popular young actresses in tinseltown, she still remains one to beat, not only because of the controversies that maker her one of the well-known headline makers, but also of the work she’s done in movies, TV, and in print and TV commercials.

Angel Locsin Colmenares hails from Bulacan. Her birthday is on April 21, 1985. Besides her, there are two other members of the brood. At the age of fourteen, her parents parted ways, and she chose to live with her father, who is suffering from blindness because of retina detachment and cataract.

Angel was more of an athlete than an actress in the beginning. She was even into competitive swimming and tried a lot of other challenging sports such as muay thai and diving, where she hopes to get a license. However, perhaps it’s fate that’s calling her to stand in front of the camera and act. She was cutting classes with a friend and decided to visit SM North Edsa when a talent scout spotted her. She was only sixteen. Soon she found herself auditioning for different TV commercials. She also tried joining Star Circle (now Star Magic), where she was accepted as part of batch 9. But her father wasn’t agreeable to it, and thus, no contract was signed. Later on," target="_self">Angel tried her luck in GMA-7 .

It was her show Click that gave her the initial exposure, though it never really showcased her real acting prowess as well as her sexiness. She played the part of Charlie, or Charlotte, twin sister of Enzo and a typical tomboy. Eventually, the show ended, and she found herself doing Mulawin. Besides the story, people were constantly awaiting for every episode to catch a glimpse of her sexy body. This also paved the way for the development of a Richard-Angel love team, which led movies such as Mulawin: The Movie, Let the Love Begin, and The Promise.

Angel then starred in another fantaserye when Mulawin ended, and she was given the bill Darna opposite Dennis Trillo . It was also during this time that her name was already a staple among Filipino audiences and the press. Several companies, on the other hand, noticed her bankability, and various product endorsements came in, including Timex, Head and Shoulders, San Mig Coffee, and Jag, to name a few. In March 2006, she played one of the leading roles in Majika, and in 2007, she was paired with Robin Padilla for Asian Treasures. This gave her an opportunity to travel in different Asian countries, where episodes were shot.

Then came one of the biggest controversies involving Angel to date. Her move to ABS-CBN was met with so much fanfare that she was always on top of the headlines and talk shows for several months. Her transfer didn’t really sit well among the bigwigs of GMA-7 and were very vocal of condemning her actions. The sex scandal issue only made matters worse. Jennylyn Mercado was even dragged into the limelight when her career in GMA-7 stopped temporarily allegedly because of the transfer.

Nevertheless, with the help of her family, friends, and her new management, she was able to pull herself through. Her first project was with Piolo Pascual , who also was her co-endorser in a number of products. Lobo became an instant hit because of the very unique story and the different kind of Angel that TV audiences saw. Finally, she wasn’t just fighting, but she was also taking the route of being a drama princess. Her show rated very well in different provinces and even outside the country, where the TFC channel can be shown. Thus, Angel wasn’t only known in the Philippines but also all over the world. Today, she is currently honing her horseback riding skills in preparation for her first Star Cinema movie, which will be shot in Australia together with Piolo Pascual.

She also clarified several unfounded rumors of her supposed rift with Claudine Barretto in a beauty salon. Different speculations came up, which include a tension-filled argument and confrontation between the two. Though neither party spoke openly about the incident, the ABS-CBN management, where they both belong, issued an official statement and that the case is already resolved.

Angel is considered to be Marian Rivera ’s professional rival considering that both are known for their assertive nature, strong acting abilities, and great bodies. The competition was further fueled when Marian became a Jag endorser, while Angel moved on to Folded and Hung.

Romantically, Angel found herself in a number of serious relationships. Her relationship with Mico Sotto ended abruptly when the latter died after a tragic fall in a condominium. Soon, she found comfort in the arms of Mico’s cousin, Oyo Boy Sotto , though it didn’t last long either because of lack of time. These days Angel is often seen together with Luis Manzano , son of Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos . Dennis Trillo was once rumored to be one of his persistent suitors.

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