Andrea del Rosario


Body of Evidence: Andrea Del Rosario

The adult scene in the Philippines has certainly changed throughout the years. Before, in order to get attention, one must bare her body over movies or pictures. The Philippine cinema has been graced by a host of beauties fantasized by a lot of men ever since its conception, but today it is harder to be recognized. This is a generation of FHM-reading men willing to spend on mobile wallpapers, calendars, videos, and the Internet. They will notice you if you take off your clothes, then forget you. Only a few have been at the top of the men’s fantasies. To be on top, one has to be sexy inside out. Try asking Andrea Del Rosario.

Andrea has been constantly on FHM’s top 100 for several years and also on the top lists of similar men’s magazines. What is more interesting is that Andrea never began her career as a sexy celebrity. And even today that her exposure to the public has been reduced, she is regarded as one of most alluring faces on screen.

Andrea del Rosario began her career in modeling for a fashion clothing line Pretty-Pretty, which shouldn’t be hard for 5’5″ frame. Her acting break began when she officially announced as member of Star Circle batch 3. The same batch produced today’s popular talents like Paolo Contis, Carlos Agassi, and Piolo Pascual . Her participation with Star Circle guaranteed her to be in youth-oriented shows such as GIMIK and light dramas such as Esperanza. Even with shows like those people, already noticed her solid acting and that her characters show off her sexy character. An example is her portrayal in the teen show Tabing Ilog and in the movie Jologs.

She also had roles in movies like Mula sa Puso, Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa, and Hiling. She ventured into more serious roles in Minsan Minahal Kita and Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin. She was also part of a show called Attagirl, a pinoy version of the popular chic show called Sex and the City.

Her first venture into adult movies was Lupe, which were followed by Keka and Bugbog Sarado, all in the same year. It was around the same time that mature men’s magazines just started its circulation, and sex goddesses started to populate men’s minds. Andrea was catapulted to more popularity when she was included into a women mega-group called the Viva Hot Babes. Everybody pictured her as the leader of the group with equal billing with other established members such as Maui Taylor and Katya Santos .

With the Hot Babes, Andrea toured the clubs and the rest of the country in exclusive shows and selling a huge number of straight-to-video merchandise, magazines, their own movie, and even a decent selling album. (It helped that the album cover revealed a lot of things about the ladies.)

Andrea del Rosario soon realized that she needed to evolve if she wanted to stay longer in the entertainment business. Because of her previous stint in theater, she had more serious roles on television, most notably her recent stint in the soap opera Gulong Ng Palad.

Today Andrea is as versatile as she can be. Currently she is an established belly dancing instructor and appears occasionally on TV and on film. She is now considered a strong character actor who’s expected to last longer than most of her Hotbabe alumni.

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