Alessandra De Rossi

When Alessandra de Rossi started her career in Philippine showbusiness, she was first known simply as the younger sister of Assunta de Rossi. But rather than stay in the shadow of her sister’s fame, she has distinguished herself as a high-caliber actress very early in her career. She started to win accolades and awards due to her performances and many have praised her as being a natural talent when it comes to acting. Nowadays, the name of Alessandra is rarely mentioned merely as a comparison to Assunta’s career but rather to refer to a beautiful celebrity with a successful career all her own.

Alessandra or Alessandra Schiavone de Rossi was born on July 19, 1984 to an Italian father and a Filipina mother. In her family, it had been her sister Assunta who had first joined showbusiness through the legendary That’s Entertainment and achieved status as a national celebrity when she began having a more prominent role in the GMA gag show Bubble Gang.

Though Alessandra would appear in a supporting role for Star Cinema’s Mystrio in 1998, it would be in the movie Hubog alongside her sister where she would first be noticed by the public. Here, the two play the role of orphaned sisters who’ve fallen on hard times. Alessandra played the role of Nikka, a mentally-handicapped girl who, unknown to her sister, gets sexually molested by the men around them. Critics praised the acting of Alessandra in the movie and dubbed her as someone who would be the next big star after her sister.

Alessandra’s next role would gain more praise for the young actress and would end up bagging for the 16-year-old a FAMAS award for Best Supporting Actress. This would be for the 2001 movie Azucena where she played the role of an innocent young girl who befriends a gruff, old butcher of dogs played by Dante Rivero. As the two share an unlikely friendship, the young girl learns about the world through the old butcher while the butcher tries to protect her from her lecherous father.

She would continue to prove her mettle in various movie and TV roles such as in Mga Munting Tinig where she played the role of a young idealistic substitute teacher who decides to teach children in a remote village. On TV, she would appear mostly in GMA shows such as in the youth-oriented Click where she was part of the main cast and in Kung Mawawala Ka, a political thriller, where she played the role of the granddaughter of a powerful politician, who was in turn played by the great Eddie Garcia.

In 2002, a public feud erupted between Alessandra and Assunta when Assunta married Representative Jules Le Desma who was 22 years older than her through civil rites. It was conspicuous to the members of the press how both Alessandra and her mother were absent during the ceremony. The press would speculate about the reasons for this and it would be revealed shortly that Assunta was then estranged to her mother and sister who were both against the marriage. After a year, though, Assunta would have already reconciled with the two by the time she has another wedding, this time a Church wedding. Their entire family flew to the Philippines from Italy and that included their father, Luigi Schiavone, as well as their two younger sisters, Margherita and Isabel. Alessandra would also serve as the maid of honor in this wedding.
Alessandra’s career would continue to flourish even leading to a role in a 2005 Korean horror film, The Maid. Here, Alessandra played the titular maid who travels to South Korea to work but through a clash of cultures ends up getting more than she bargained for.

In TV, she worked mostly in GMA productions in dramas and fantasy series like Darna, Etheria, Kamandag and Super Twins. However, from 2008 till the first part of 2011, she would be an ABS-CBN star appearing in such notable hits as I love Betty La Fea, Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes, Tayong Dalawa and Agua Bendita.

From the young girl who emerged from her sister’s shadow to today’s confident, experienced celebrity, Alessandra’s acting talent continues to shine while Filipino viewers enjoy the privilege of seeing this rare natural on screen.

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