Victor Neri


He may not be the most handsome guy in tinseltown, but he definitely
knows how to sweep girls off their feet with just a glance and manly
performances. It’s one of the secrets why Victor Neri still remains
grounded and around after so many years in show business.
Victor Neri was a very lanky boy when he first joined Ang TV, a 1990s youth-oriented show headed by Johnny Manahan. He was then seen every day in boob tube, together with Angelu de Leon, Claudine Barretto , and Rica Peralejo, to name a few. He was also one of the first members of the elite Star Circle.Even before, Victor was already promising, especially when it comes to portraying hard-core action hero. It’s no wonder that from his first movie project Asero, he then acted together with action-movie bigwigs such as Ace Vergel and Eddie Garcia in Masamang Ugat, Cesar Montano in Utol, Jestoni Alarcon in Amanos, as well as Rudy Fernandez in Birador. It didn’t take a long while too to get his own starring role twice, in Ex-con and Suspek. In 2003, he won his first acting award as Best Supporting Actor in Metro Manila Film Festival for Filipinas.It thus could have been considered real foolish for anyone to leave the klieg lights just when every good breaks seem to be coming on his way. But then again, Victor felt he had enough and that he’s all too burned out. He needed a way to start all over again and search his true being. Victor then stayed away from show business for two years.

It doesn’t mean, however, that Victor spent all those months bumming around. Instead, he opted to enrich himself with new learning. For one, he finished his Literature course in UA&P, pursuing two of the things he loves doing: reading and writing. Moreover, he became a protégé of Direk Johnny, sitting beside him during shootings and tapings and studying every aspect of production and directing. Moreover, he continued playing his own music, tinkering on his guitars or beating the drums.

Soon after, he was back on TV, playing the villainous role of Lizardo in the boob tube adaptation of an epic movie entitled Panday. He may not have grabbed the leading title, but his presence and character performance definitely captured the attention and fantasies of both the old and the young. Later on, he switched to drama and channels as he was paired with Sunshine Dizon in Bakekang and Impostora. The chemistry between them truly clicked, even sparking rumors that they were indeed a couple. He was also given a chance to work with the Malaysian actress beauty-queen Carrie Lee in Muli. After all, Victor had just been separated from his girl friend, Michelle Madrigal .

What you see today is a renewed Victor. You may not see him in commercial films, but he’s everywhere when it comes to anything indie. He tries to immerse himself in every movie he does, resorting to making his own scripts, not hoping of gaining recognition but more of expressing himself more artistically and visually.

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