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The Hunkiness of TJ Trinidad

Raul Fenstad Trinidad Jr., or TJ Trinidad, was born on January 22, 1976. He’s an actor , singer , commercial and image model.

Ever since, TJ knew that he wanted to become an actor. But obedient child as he is, he opted to grant his parents’ requests of him finishing his education. During his elementary and high school years, he was enrolled in Colegio de San Agustin. At De La Salle University, meanwhile, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing Management in 1999.

He then found himself working in business sector. His first job was in All Asia Capital as money market trader. He then later brought his expertise to the United States. He was also one of the pioneers of a newly opened company called E-Pay. It primarily distributes electronic prepaid cards. Unfortunately, the company didn’t last long.

Nevertheless, he didn’t take this to heart. Instead, he saw it as a sign that perhaps he was indeed cut out for show business. He then called Edu Manzano , a family friend, for a good advice since he doesn’t really know how to start his acting career. It was Edu who introduced TJ to June Torrejon, who is currently managing him.

It wasn’t long before good breaks started coming his way. One of them was his role in Basta’t Kasama Kita, an action-drama serye produced by ABS-CBN. He played alongside action star Robin Padilla and the love interest of Judy Ann Santos , one of the multi-faceted actresses in Philippine cinema. So intense was his dramatic performance and chemistry with Judy Ann that they both together found their own following.

After the show came to a close, he later became a lead again in Gulong ng Palad, an adaptation of a popular TV series in 1980s, where he played the pensive Carding, husband of Kristine Hermosa . He also played Pantas in Pedro Penduko, a fantaserye, and Hugo, a plastic surgeon who, devastated by his wife’s death, altered the face of Carissa played by Heart Evangelista . On TV, you can catch TJ playing opposite Jodi Sta. Maria in Walang Kapalit.

TJ’s presence isn’t only limited in television. He also conquered the big screen. One of his strongest performances was in Keka, together with Katya Santos , where he was one of the fraternity boys who killed the latter’s boyfriend. He also acted under the direction of Joel Lamangan for I Will Survive, a Regal Entertainment’s Mother’s Day presentation. There, he played Judy Ann’s husband and an OFW.

TJ Trinidad may have started a little too late in the acting genre, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any background. Before he landed great roles in TV and movies, he was also doing TV commercials, such as for Close-Up, Tivoli chocolates, San Miguel, and Swatch. At ten years of age, he attended acting workshops and performed in play in Antioch Alabang for charity purposes.

He loves to play football and tennis, and is a lead vocalist of a band called Mofo. TJ is considered to be a very religious and grounded person, thanks to the guidance and advice of his parents. In his spare time, he’s either with his family or his friends.

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