Piolo Pascual


There are gorgeous men and there are gorgeous, smart, and intense men. A complete package of machismos, sex appeal, and talent, Piolo Pascual is the quintessential man of a woman’s dreams. He is only 23 years old, having being on January 12, 1977 in Manila, Philippines.

An intense, down-to-earth, and irresistible personality, Piolo as he is affectionately called, draws women in hordes. Piolo’s life is shrouded in mystery, which makes him an eniGMAtic person that most Philippine people find completely hard to resist. His warm and affectionate smile can melt even the most stonehearted!

Piolo’s success in the local show business in the Philippines is not surprising. However, he started off as part of the That’s Entertainment show in his early teens. He was instantly forgotten and his career failed to take off. However, PJ was formally launched in Star Circle Batch 3 as part of the children’s show called “Atbp”.

Soon after Piolo moved to US with his mum, where he worked odd jobs. But he made a life changing decision of moving back to Philippines and picked up his career from where he had left it before he moved to US.

 “He’s been so good to me”. Honestly, I don’t feel I deserve all these blessings. But I savor each one of them and I treat it as a gift. Now I want to be a living example of God’s goodness.”
- Piolo Pascual

His break came to make a permanent place in the minds of his audiences, when he acted in the weekly miniseries, “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako” and in “Lagarista” that brought him international praise from Toronto and New York.

Piolo’s pairing with Judy Ann Santos in “Kahit Isang Saglit” was an instant hit and received a warm welcome from all movie lovers alike. The pair went on to star in soaps such as “Esperanza” and

“Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka”. Piolo Pascual also starred with Judy Ann Santos in movies such as, “Bakit di Totohanin” and “Till There Was You“. The hit pair teamed yet again for the movie Don’t Give Up On Us in 2006. Piolo has also sung the theme song for this movie.

A few hit, effective career management and good press have catapulted Piolo’s career as possibly the hottest young actor, and singer in Philippines . Today, Piolo enjoys the position of being one of Manila’s hottest matinee idols of the present generation.

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