Mark Herras


When you mix boyish charms, a cool attitude, and good body – what do you get? You get Mark Herras, popularly known as the bad boy of the dance floor. Born as Mark Angelo S. Herras, this cool dude has a load of talent that keeps the dancing floor occupied. Born on December 14, 1986 to Claudio Herras Jr. and Jasmin Santos, Mark is known by many nicknames. Each fan, mostly women who would do anything to get closer to him, call him Macky, Mac, and Angelo. A heartthrob, a mover and shaker by talent, Mark is a complete package and it couldn’t get any better than this.

Mark Herras is the result of a GMA 7 Starstruck artist search. A winner of Ultimate Survivor title, his good looks have been the main stay to pull crowds early on in his career, however now he is popular for his talent. The biggest break for Mark came with his hot dance compilation containing 14 fiery dance tracks. It pushes the adrenalin and pumps the D-factor (dance factor) up.

One of the tracks in this album is the original hit version by Y-Not called “Average Joe”. Mark is as comfortable on the dance floor as he is in the studio. He has already begun to master the footwork for the latest dance craze in the US. Although Mark has the looks and the attitude to take on anything, he is satisfied with being the Lord of the Dance floor. His favorite is “Angel Eyes” by Raghav, because it makes his soul free as he dances with the enthusiasm of a young kid and the experience of a master. He seems to have boundless energy that can reach uncontrollable heights with Oh My Gosh by Basement Jaxx. Some of the finest by Mark has been on dance tracks like “I Like to Move In” by Zoo Gang and “Ooops Up” by Snap.

The only way to get closer to Mark, the bad boy of the dance floor, is by getting down onto the dance floor! Dancing his way into the hearts of Filipinos is what Mark does best!

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