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You cannot judge a person’s character based on size alone. The same thing can be said of John Prats.

John Paulo Quiambao Prats was born on February, 14, 1984. His parents are Daniel and Alma, and he is the eldest among 5 siblings, one of which is Camille , one of Philippine’s shining young stars.

Without batting an eyelash, John has been wearing many hats. Not only is he an actor, he is also a TV host, image model, a businessman, and an actor, from which he earned the title of Dancefloor Dynamite. He is also an ex-band drummer. Unknown to many, he has been in the industry for 15 years.

It was in 1992 when John auditioned to become one of the earliest talents of ABS-CBN’s Talent Center. Together with Camille, he belonged to the first batch of Ang TV, a popular kiddie gag show during the 1990s. The show paved the way for him to develop his multiple talents, including acting, dancing, and hosting. His first movie came the year after entitled Pulis Patola, where he played a supporting character. He was also very visible in TV, appearing in an educational show called Sineskwela and in one of the all-star-cast cinenovela called Familia Zaragoza where he was pitted against Zsa-Zsa Padilla, Ricky Davao, Janice de Belen, and Jean Garcia" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/jean-garcia.html" target="_blank">Jean Garcia , among others. But what catapulted John to stardom was his inclusion in Batang X by Regal Films, where he portrayed the role of Kidlat, one of the 5 children gifted with superpowers. It was an instant hit, especially among children. This was soon followed by Rollerboys and Ang TV: The Movie in 1996.

In 1998, John Prats became 1/3 of the JCS group, together with Carlo Aquino and Stefano Mori. Their initial project was hosting all of Monday episodes. They also formed a band called JCS Band and were able to received Artist of the Month Award in 1999. They also sang the theme song of Cyberkada’s G-Mik, a youth-oriented afternoon show where he was paired with Heart Evangelista" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/heart-evangelista.html" target="_blank">Heart Evangelista.

Their loveteam blossomed among the prying eyes of their fans that they were able to produce a number of films together, including My First Romance and Ang Tanging Ina. They also became endorsers of huge brand names such as Colgate and Smart. Their reel romance also lasted even off-screen. However, due to personal conflicts, it ended after only a year. Moving on, John became a mainstay of ASAP Mania and a member of UD4, along with Maja Salvador" href="actresses/filipino-actresses/maja-salvador.html" target="_blank">Maja Salvador , his pair in the soap opera It Might Be You.

It seems like there is no stopping John in being one of the brightest teen stars in Philippine entertainment. Just recently, he signed contract with Galaxy Records, with a carrier single entitled Tarat Tat. He is also one of the huge endorsers for Bench, appearing in Bench Fever and in Bench Summer Dressing commercial. He veejayed for Studio 23 during 2006 and appeared in teleserye Crazy for You and comedy show Aalog-Alog.

He’s also earned a number of recognition, such as Best Actor in a Single Performance for his strong acting skills exhibited in one of Maalala Mo Kaya’s episodes entitled Kape. During 2004, he beat all other contenders for the Best Festival Supporting Actor recognition in Metro Manila Film Festival.

Despite his hectic schedule, however, he was able to find time to finish his studies, obtaining a degree in Business Management in Thames International Business School. John and his father then opened Ad Gateway Incorporated, an advertising agency.

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