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Ever wondered who the cute guy in the PLDT My DSL Plan 999 TV ad is? Well, he is none other than Dino Imperial. Born on April 9, 1988, and raised in Las Vegas, Dino Imperial is actually Dino Kilatis in real life. At first glance, you’ll know that what makes him so dear among his female fans would be his physical attributes: he stands at 5 feet 8 inches. He also has the most captivating pair of brown eyes that is surely giving girls the chills. Don’t forget those beautifully arched eyebrows that go perfectly with his black hair.

Dino’s biggest break is definitely the Abt Ur Luv series, where he played the role of Bill, a teenage attention seeker. More projects followed suit then, including appearing in Love Spell TV series. He was also given a chance to act in the big screen, playing the role of Empress Schuck’s boyfriend in Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8. Though his character was killed along the course of the film, it didn’t erase the fact that he further propelled his way to the top by garnering attention of the moviegoers.His TV commitments, however, didn’t take him away from his first love: commercial modeling. In fact, Dino actually started modeling for condo brochures right after he was discovered by a talent scout in a burger joint.

Besides one of the celebrity endorsers for PLDT MyDSL packages, he also appeared in Coca-Cola commercials. Dino also belongs to the elite Star Circle, where the likes of Piolo Pascual , Diether Ocampo , and Carlos Agassi, to name a few, came from. He was introduced as one of the members of the thirteenth batch. At first look, he may be enjoying the spotlight, he believes that he still has a lot to offer, especially to his fans.

Dino’s parents are both from the Philippines, particularly from Pampanga. He had an older brother who is still in the United States. His little sister stays with him here in the country. Presently, his dad works as a chief executive officer at a casino while his mother is a good housewife. He is currently in his second year at the College of St. Benilde, taking up Multimedia. He stays at a condo unit at Taft Avenue near his school. Because he doesn’t have any cooking talent, he admits, though shyly, that his mom brings him food placed in a Tupperware. He simply has to get them from the freezer and reheat his meal.

This cutie was also rumored to have just broken up with his latest girlfriend, who was going to enter show business too. Rumors have it that the reason for the breakup was Empress Schuck, his partner in Abt Ur Luv. However, Dino strongly denies this news. He said that there was no third party involved. He believes that right now, he just has to focus on his blossoming career and that love should take a backseat.

Indeed, Dino has come a long from being a nobody to somebody. Not only does his face becomes very much seen on TV, he also has his boy-next-door looks plastered in large billboards and print advertisements.

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