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There’s no other actor like Boyet de Leon. Almost every male newcomer would dream of following his footsteps—and why not? For less than 50 years in the business, he already starred in more than 120 films, produced 1 great movie, and bagged countless awards from several giving bodies.

Christopher Strauss de Leon was born on October 17, 1956, in Manila. For Boyet to be part of the film industry was actually not a surprise at all. His father, Gil de Leon, was a famous actor and director, while her mother, Lilia Dizon, was an LVN Pictures contract star. Her two sisters, namely, Pinky de Leon and Melissa de Leon, also acted in movies and televisions.

Christopher started out in minor roles for films such as Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan, Huwag Mo Kaming Isumpa, Kahit Ang Mundo’y Magunaw, and Paano Na Sa Mundo ni Janet. However, it was his movie with critically acclaimed director Lino Brocka, Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, that he captured the attention and praise of both the showbiz industry and the moviegoers. He played the role of Junior, who need to tackle several growing-up issues, as well as the friendship he developed with the community’s fool and leper. He later bagged the Best Actor Award in FAMAS for his portrayal in 1974.

He later acted together with other popular actors and actresses, as well as excellent directors, for nearly 30 years. Some of his other famous movies include Banaue, Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon, Masarap Masakit ang Umibig, Lagi Na Lang Ba Akong Babae, Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan, Taga sa Panahon, Aguila, Relasyon, Broken Marriage, My Other Woman, Maging Akin Ka Lamang, Imortal, and Madrasta.

Because of his versatility and his superb acting prowess, he was also labeled as the Drama King. Nevertheless, his talent wasn’t just contained in front of the screen. He also tried his hand in directing and came up with Halimaw sa Banga, Huwag Mong Salingin ang Sugat Ko, and Bugso, a TV special. He also produced an independent movie entitled Nasaan Na Si Francis.

His personal life, though, is also a reflection of the characters he played. Growing up in Tondo, he would normally spend his time together with his friends, who influenced him on sex, drugs, and other vices. As a matter of fact, there was a point in his life when he wasn’t selling at all to directors and producers because of his drug addiction. Fortunately, with the help of his current wife, Sandy Andolong, and the Oasis of Love Community, where he is now an active member, he became a renewed Christian.

He also married Nora Aunor , the Superstar of the Philippines. They had one biological child named Ian de Leon and three other adopted children, namely, Lotlot, Matet, Kiko, and Kenneth. Lotlot and Matet soon became actresses in their own right.

Christopher owns a big farm in Batangas, where he ran for vice-mayor but lost. He is also a U.S. citizen because of his maternal grandfather. He also was once a student in Fine Arts in University of the East. He also acted in television series; the most recent was Maging Sino Ka Manwhere he played the antagonist Don Fidel Madrigal.

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