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People say that stars are born, not made—though it may take a while before  it can be really seen. Yet for AJ Perez it took one commercial to eventually tap into his innate potential and become one of the youngest and most sought-after bachelor in tinseltown.

AJ Perez was born Anotonellio Joseph Perez on February 17, 1993. He came from a well-off family, as both his parents are businesspersons in their own right. Nevertheless, he didn’t grow up getting everything he wanted with a flick of a finger. There wasn’t a silver spoon stuck in his mouth.

It was in one of Milo’s commercials that ABS-CBN’s bosses discovered AJ. With his boy-next-door looks, young charm, and hopefully strong acting capability, he became one the members of elite Star Circle Batch 13, along with Victor Basa and Chris Gutierrez. This is a pool of fresh blood who want to prove their worth in the entertainment industry.

His first taste of acting came when he was one of the first regular casts of the youth-oriented show called About Ur Luv, which is now in its third season. He’s only 13 years old. He played the character of Josh, who is supposed to be a fraternal twin of Hillary, played by Empress Schuck, and the more happy-go-lucky and relaxed between the two. He also set his eyes and heart on Nelle, portrayed by Lauren Young . Even at their young age, the chemistry is already undeniable that they are starting to form legions of fans who are carefully awaiting any of their sweet moments in the TV show.

Besides About Ur Luv, AJ also appeared in one of the earliest episodes of Star Magic Presents entitled All about a Girl. He played the role of Egay, alongside Piolo Pascual" href="actors/filipino-actors/piolo-pascual.html" target="_blank">Piolo Pascual (Alvin). It revolved around the story of a very shy girl named Lea (Lauren Young) who fell in love with Alvin after she misinterpreted his brotherly concerns. Egay, on the other hand, was secretly in love with Lea.

Despite his rising popularity, however, AJ still tries and manages to keep his life as average as possible. He is currently a student in De La Salle University Greenhills where is he is in Grade 7. With his 5’8″ frame, he is one of the best varsity players in their basketball league. He also finds time to squeeze in his studies, where he is getting exemplary marks. AJ hopes that even when he is no longer in show business, he can still pursue his another great love, which is basketball.

In the meantime, he is going to bank on his being a matinee idol material. The offer may come as a big surprise, as he himself didn’t expect that he’ll catch somebody’s attention very soon. Nevertheless, he wishes to make the most out of the opportunity that is given to him. He wants to become of the finest actors in the Philippines. And with the way he develops a certain love affair with the camera, it wouldn’t be too long before his dreams come true.

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